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“Hos-piss” by Tucker Collins

Thursday, June 26th, 2008


A word with all the powers of a magnet

Drawing things together

Somethings are shunned and wish to be repelled

But they always return

Others are accepted easily

But can never come back

Everything attracted has something in common

Power to express emotions




Last wishes-like fire-are warm

But too much fire surrounding one self becomes

The source of more love

The source of more pain

The source of more fear

The smoke becomes a heavy blanket

Smothering its starter

To reduce the burden a stand must be made

One of courage where friends may be hurt

You can piss out the fire

But you cant piss out the pain

Great difficulty lies on the path where you try to be kind and loving

But sacrifices must be made

To live the rest of ones days with only the closest people to their heart.

Poems by Tucker

Monday, May 19th, 2008

My son Tucker (14) has been writing a series of poems as part of a school assignment. I just thought I would share a few of them with you. I felt that they were very interesting/moving/telling and wise. You might enjoy them too.

Pain and Love
Tucker J. Collins

Once upon a year ago,
Terrible news struck my ears.
Time began to pain and slow.
Stabbed by words like pointy spears.

A dreadful misfortune struck.
A growth too much to handle.
All depending on pure luck.
Life dwindling, like a candle.

Now a year has timely passed.
I’ve learned new lessons that show
Pain and love can be amassed
By the friends who come and go.

Dedicated to my mother who has helped me to grow and become the person who I am today. It is also dedicated to all the people who’ve helped my family and I get through these times of sorrow.

What Am I?
Tucker J. Collins

As I whiz threw the air,
I have but one small care.
My quest’s goal is to roam
And to return to my home.

Once a weapon, now toy.
From one’s hand I deploy
Maori hunter’s tool,
Child’s toy that is cool.

Unlike sticks, I come back.
Rough outside, I do lack.
Cutting air, like a fang,
I am a boomerang!

Dedicated to Ruthie and Gina who keep
coming back, no matter what.

Sudden Revelation
Tucker J. Collins

Revealing the
Entrance and its
View I quickly
Entered a great
Land of sight and truth.
Allowed by a
Only revealed by my mind’s

Dedicated to those who have had their eyes opened to the truth

Pangram Phight
Tucker J. Collins

Hello, azure eyed Tiger,
Who lives in the Jade Green Forest,
Where You buy Your pick of Monkeys
And his queer, onyx Cousins.

Great Panthera Onca
With Your melanistic pigmentation,
Fading at the Black Zenith,
Jaguar Queen, you vexed me.

Blood filled Cousins, Kindred Enemies
Pumped with Grave Hatred
We quarreled and jousted
Expecting yelps and a haze of pain.

By Inhuman Blood we duel,
Lethal Fangs pierce quickly,
But not at all in vain for
Slit Jugulars zero My Life next.

Dedicated to Clayton, who is
A little Tiger inside.