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A Kind Thank You

Sunday, November 30th, 2008


Dear faithful readers of Punk Rock Mommy,

This post is to inform of the sad end of the Punkrockmommy blog. Due to some recent changes in the dynamics of the household, this blog will be discontinued. On behalf of my siblings, I need to say thank you all so much. You not only helped my siblings and I through your numerous donations and gifts, you also helped us with your kindness. You were all there to listen to us pour out our hearts to some of you. However, you helped someone much more than you helped us. You helped my Mother fight through her battle with Cancer every day. The blog was one of the few things she looked forward to every day. She was able to express her thoughts here that, frankly, she could not express to anyone. We were all privileged to my mother’s diary. She loved reading your comments and well-wishes and talking to those of you to whom she, sadly, never got to meet. I want to thank all of you who brought food, threw benefits, cleaned our house, bought clothes, or just came over and sat around with our family. I never knew people could be so genuinely good. You have all proven to me that there is still a glimmer of hope left in our world and you have taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. I am happy to say that I am eternally indebted to you. Thank you all so much.

~Alec Collins (The one in college)

Home is where the fun is

Thursday, September 4th, 2008


Hi everyone! Sorry that I haven’t updated you all in a little while. Classes started for me on Labor Day when most of you were out at barbecues. So Monday was first day of class, and it was really easy…I only have one class, Calculus, on Mondays…at 4pm. So basically, here’s my classes…

Electrical Engineering Practicum is where we get to practice and learn about the tools and some of the skills necessary in Electrical engineering. I also have Intro to Psychology, which so far in my favorite course. I mean, come on my mom graduated from Temple with a degree in Psychology…this is gonna be cake, I already know everything 😉

I’m also taking a First Year Enrichment course…meh and a college chemistry course (my professor is either from Australia or New Zealand) which I like. I was taking a History class on World War II, but I had to drop it. He wanted us to read a memoir on the beginning of WWII and write a 9-page critique of it by next Thursday…sorry, not right now. Instead I’m now taking Intro to Ethics, which is on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm, which sucks, but whatever. I’m having lots of fun, eating healthy, biking as much as possible (RIT has a road that goes all the way around it called “The Loop”. It’s approximately 3.14 miles long with one steep climb that goes uphill from either direction. It took me about 30 minutes to bike the whole thing…), and trying to make a lot of friends.

So before I go, let me tell you guys a little about where I’m living. I live in Engineering House (that’s it in the picture above), which last year won best house. It isn’t actually a house though. E-House actually is the top floor of Nathaniel Rochester Hall, and in order to become a member you need to fill out an application. This application is then reviewed by 7 members of the house that make up a committee. Everything about the house is democratic. Everyone has the right to vote and have input on things in the house. Everyone must participate in one committee on floor, and everyone has to sign the house constitution (yes, there is one…and it’s 20 pages long…I read it). In short, I love it here, I love everyone here. This is definitely one of the happier times in my life.

Hope to see everyone soon!


Monday, August 25th, 2008

UPDATE:My financial aid situation has been taken care of. I no longer owe $3200 and actually have extra money to help pay for my books, so my whole situation is taken care of.


Hi everybody! I just wanted to give you all an update on my first day at RIT. Move-In went fine, my dorm is on the 8th floor of my building, but there is an elevator. Unfortunately, they made it so that you had to go back down on the stairs. I got my stuff moved in and unpacked, anticipating my roommate wanting to change our room around (it’s pretty limited how much space you have when you leave the room the way it is set up) but he moved his stuff in without moving any furniture around, so we will see what happens. My roommate is kinda cool. He is really quiet (and i’m loud), and kind of meek (he didn’t give me a strong handshake when i first saw him). And he really is a computer whiz (read as almost as geeky as me), but we get along.

After I unloaded all my stuff and met my roommate, I headed to the Gordon Field House (It’s a big room that can fit A LOT of people) and got my ID and all my stuff for orientation. I also went over to the booth for financial aid and talked with them. I owe them $3200 and I won’t be getting any money from financial aid because of that. So I have to buy my books out of pocket, but luckily a family friend gave me a rather large amount of money that was supposed to be for living, but will now be for books and stuff for my classes. I have an appointment with them Wednesday so hopefully all of this will be worked out before classes start.

So, when I got back to my room I organized my desk area and put all my clothes away and put all my posters up on my side of the room and just kind of chilled out with my roommate. At 6, our entire house went to this place called the commons and got dinner and then proceeded to take up the entire back of the place. People argued over whether it’s soda or pop, and the second years attempted to remember all of our names. We then went back to the NRH Quad (it’s a courtyard out front of Nathaniel Rochester Hall…where my house is) and everyone stood in a circle and said their name, major and hometown. i decided to be funny when it was my turn and said, “Hi, my name is Alec and I’m an Alcoholic” which made everyone laugh. After everyone introduced themselves, we played Never Have I Ever. I got elbowed in the cheek bone by our house VP at one point running for a spot. It was fun. We then had about an hour and a half until our first house meeting, where we learned the rules and what is and not allowed in the rooms. I had to take down my christmas lights, because they’re not allowed to be on the underside of the bed because it’s a fire hazard…bull…

Afterwards I took a walk on campus and got a feel for it. I like it here, it feels sorta like camp, It’s really surreal. I still miss all my friends in Philadelphia though…well, I will see most of them in October when everyone comes up to visit.


Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Hi everyone! Alec here with a quick little update. A bunch of people wanted to know my address at my college, so they can send me letters and what not.

I live at…


Send me letters if you want to…but be forewarned, I’m not very good at replying back
Much love to you All

The time it is a wastin’

Monday, August 4th, 2008


So as of today, I have exactly 20 days before I move in to my college dorm…and needless to say I’m really excited. Is it weird that I’m not nervous at all? I guess I’m just ready for some change in my life…

So I guess the point of this post is to…I don’t know…hmm…Well, I guess I can talk about Saturday. So on Saturday, Kelly and I went to the Download Festival at the Susquehanna Bank Center (it should be called SBC…Susquehanna Bank Center is to long to say). The Stooges played, but The Killers were the headliners….probably because they get a bigger draw. Iggy was awesome! At 61 he is still a god! I was so excited, screaming the words to No Fun, 1969, Search and Destroy, and I Wanna Be Your Dog. I realized how much my mom would have loved to be there, screaming the words with me. It made me really miss her. Sometimes it feels like she’s not really gone, she just went on vacation and she will be back in a day or two, but she never does. The next couple of months are gonna be hard. I’ve never been on my own without my mom being a phone call away to help me. I’m not nervous about college, I’m nervous about going to college and not having my mother to call when I’m homesick or want someone to cheer me up the way only a mother can.

It really sucks sometimes, my friends (the friends who are my age) try to act like they know what I’m going through, but you can’t understand this pain unless you experienced it first hand (with the exception of one of my friends who did lose her mother). And even if you understand, it’s still impossible to help. This pain is too real and painful.

Before my mother died she got a bunch of notebooks for each one of my siblings and I and started to write stories in them about when we were little. She wrote our medical history, she wrote what she wanted us to accomplish in our lives. Things like happiness, a good marriage, kids, etc.. But she also wrote what we needed to realize. The one thing that is reverberating in my skull now is what she would always tell me when I was had a bad case of depression: “You are strong, kind, intelligent and truly LOVABLE. You are deserving of all good things”. She was the only person in my life who could make me feel like that was true…I miss you Mom

A Day To Remember

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008


The memorial is Monday July 14th at:
New Life Philadelphia Presbyterian Church
425 East Roosevelt Blvd (At D Street and Bingham Street, next to the park…looks like a synagogue)
Philadelphia, PA 19120
Phone: 215-324-4566

The memorial is scheduled to start at 9:30am

There will be light refreshments afterwards.

Der Pink Panzer

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

This year for the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival, friends of ours decided to up the ante from last year (last year they built a pirate ship…with a water cannon) by building a full sized German Panzer. today…Asa, Tucker, Vinny, and I began painting it pink camouflage…ENJOY!!!

Best of the Blogs

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008


So a bunch of people have been asking about how to vote for the blog, and my mom has been telling everyone this really obtuse, round-a-bout way of getting to the website. So in an effort to combat my insomnia, I’m posting a link to the website so that YOU too can vote for us.



Friday, September 7th, 2007


In the genes

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007


Here is an excerpt from a recent comment about what causes cancer…

FYI there are only six things the cells require for perfect health. I would think for the sake of your children you would inform yourself what these are and begin to consume them daily, TO ASSIST IN THE FIGHT (omega 3 oils are only one of the six ESSENTIAL ingredients.

Secondly, the very best lymph cleanse occurs through jumping (per Albert Einstein who stated that the most powerful force on the cells is via gravity),
so a poperly designed mini-trampoline (called a Celluciser) is in order.
Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you.

A response from my smart Alec

Hey everyone, Alec here. This is my first post ever, and it also happens to be a response to some comments being made by Glenn Bogue. I’ve been reading his comments and found much disinformation in what he’s saying.

First, Cells require two thing to survive: Glucose and Oxygen. The glucose comes from ANY food we eat. When we eat, our stomach acids break down the food into its simplest forms. These are the glucose, and the waste. This glucose is actually not used in cellular activity. The cells convert glucose into a smaller more usable amount of energy called ATP. A good way to visualize this is to imagine that glucose is a $100 bill, and you want to buy a $2 burrito, Your cellular function. Instead of paying with the $100 bill, you convert the $100 bill, into $100’s in $5 dollar bills. It is more efficient to use the smaller single denomination then all of the larger denomination at once. Anyway, the glucose is stored in the cell and in the body as fat. What makes glucose not be able to be the cause of cancer is that glucose, whether from a good or bad source, is glucose. When you look at from a chemists perspective, Glucose will always be C6H12O6. Any addition or change to the molecule will make it no longer be Glucose, but something else.

Second, Cancer’s that have been proven to be caused by genes are inevitable. Yes, pollution and toxins can cause some cancers. For example, Lung Cancer can be caused by cigarettes and pollution. However, there has been instances where a person who never smoked, and was not exposed to high levels of pollution have contracted cancer. In actuality, you are actually more likely to develop asthma or Tuberculosis from exposure to cigarettes and/or air pollution. Yes, cancers have been known to be caused by extraneous substances, such as water pollution or radiation. However, the more scientists study the human genome, the more we learn about cancer and its causes. All this means, is that Cancer is a problem in the genes, NOT the immune system. Cancer is defined as “any malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division“. In the cell, there is a protein that stops cell division, much like the hormone that tells you that you are full (of food). Now proteins are made up of 20 Amino Acids, and as my biology teacher says, they are “the very building blocks of life”. The arrangement of the amino acids is directly taken from the template (or blueprint) established IN THE DNA. If the DNA is incorrectly copied during the S phase (or synthesis phase) of Mitosis, the protein may not be created. Normally, these cells are destroyed before they can do any damage. But if the cancerous cell replicates to quickly, the body will not be able to eradicate it.

Finally, the idea that jumping up and down will clean your lymph nodes is preposterous and is obviously based on now obsolete ideas about cancer and its causes. In the 1800’s and early 1900’s, it was believed that people needed to clean their blood everybody by slitting their wrists. This is now seen as absurd as well as unnecessary, much like “The Celluciser”.