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A special room

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

My mom has a new room. It actually used to be Alec’s room, well is Alec’s room. It is where she is going to sleep while she recovers from her operation. We painted the room a light  blue color. Heidi and Alys painted and Alec and I helped. Our friends Megan,Jenni and Rachel decorated the room very special. There are beautiful curtains. New brown and blue bedding. Giant pillows. And a nice new lamp. And a beautiful tapestry that covers the big hole that Alec punched in the wall. There are flowers that mommy brought home from the hospital. The new chair matches the desk and now the room is comfortable and pretty.

My mom was in bed when I got home. I got into bed with  her. I felt her chest. It felt hard and bony. My mom said we can sleep in the bed together. She gave me her secret stash of peanut m and m’s. And I told her that I watched Ugly Betty without her, she pretended to be mad. I promised I watch it again with her. I am incredibly glad mommy is home!!!!! The new room is awesome.

Mommy Is So Special

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Mommy is so special.Mommy is so special because she has so many people that love her so much,and because everybody will think of her with love and affection.I Am Always Going To Love My Mommy!!!!!!!!