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Gallery Opening – May 2 – Digital to Analogue

Thursday, April 17th, 2014


Hi Punk Rock Mommy readers. It’s been a few years since anything has been posted to this site. I know that some of you still find your way back here to reread Andrea’s words. Apologies for times that the site has been down. I try to keep tabs on it, but things happen: spam, hacks, server issues. I plan to keep it around, but there are other ways to honor her memory.

For those who may have stumbled upon here due to art show promotion. This site was created a few days after Andrea Collins Smith was diagnosed with cancer. She wrote eloquently and intimately as she strove to fully live while her body was dying. This blog went viral for awhile and had an international readership. To read the entirety of her posts go here. To start from the beginning go here.

I want to let everyone know that there will be a gallery opening on May 2 that will feature photos I took with Andrea and the family in 2007-2008, some of which have never been seen before. I shot over 1200 images and I worked with a photo editor to determine ones that best tell the story. The images will be paired with Andrea’s writing. The photos are all printed by myself in a darkroom on fine art, archival paper. There will also be a new video and a video installation.

Here’s the details…

Punk Rock Mommy Gallery Opening
Friday May 2, 2014
6 – 9pm
F&N Gallery
2007 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia PA 19144

In addition to the gallery show a book is in the works that will combine Andrea’s writing with my photography. Andrea’s final request to me was to complete the book project and try to get it published. I’m finally pulling it together. Some layouts will be revealed at the gallery show. Stay tuned for more details on how you can help make this happen. I’m excited to translate the story from pixels to a format that is tactile. Andrea was a tactile person. She would touch you. I think the book will its textures and weight will convey Andrea’s personality more effectively than the glowing pixels of the blog. I have been working with editors and designers for the past few months. It’s going to be good. More about the book project soon…

I hope to see you on May 2. Please spread the word!



here’s a teaser image from the darkroom…


The exhibit represents a transition from the digital to the analogue; from the ephemeral to the fixed. I printed this new set in a darkroom on fine art, archival paper from 35mm film negatives that were struck by light reflecting off of Andrea and the family. Each frame bears a physical imprint of a moment in time. There is a physical connection between Andrea and these prints.

Despite the blog being digital, Andrea was an analogue person, she was complex and her personality was nuanced. She was also tactile. The analogue process of rendering these physical objects exemplifies her vibrancy, warmth, and life. The chemical process also mirrors the chemical process her body endured during her treatment. As Andrea touched her family, friends, and community the hope is that this tangible exhibit will extend her touch and her legacy.


Shout out to Rowan University and photography Professor Keith Adams for generously allowing me access to the darkroom!