New Photos – Hairloss

New Photos Here

I still need to touch up this last batch, but I told Andrea I’d have them up…so here they are…


2 Responses to “New Photos – Hairloss”

  1. Bob Herbstritt says:

    Hello Andrea:

    I was thinking of you and Alec today and realized that I hadn’t checked into your blog in some time. I missed your interview with Dr. Dan G but will try to catch it on podcast. Your blog on “Risk Factors” was very interesting to me. We do crave order and rationality- we want there to be a connection between what we do and the big picture, a connection between the particulars and the universal. Thank you for reminding me that such a relationship-if not totally a fiction – has serious exceptions and limitations. Take good care of yourself. Also, on a more mundane note, can you check with Alec to see how much progress he’s made on his extended essay for IB? A good rought draft is due first day he returns. Tell him that I am leaving on Sunday for a month and to email me anything he has written or any questions he has. As you know, these types of projects with deadlines are not his specialty. Bob

  2. Jahna says:

    Andrea, in my perspective very little people can look good with out hair. you are one of those people. i love your face, it beautiful!