Amy called it a punk rock high school reunion. The benefit tonight at the M room went off without a hitch.Everywhere you looked there was someone you knew and loved. It was amazing and a bit overwhelming for me because I wanted to talk to and hug EVERYONE. I was so impressed by all the time and effort that people put into the planning of such a fun event. ( Becky, Rob, Jen,and Dave) And it could be the cranberry juice talking but you all are quite an attractive group. The bands were so good. I heard that Joey Jap and the Hot Wired Hearts did an amazing cover of I wanna be your dog. And the Purple Generals cover of Stairway to Heaven was super fun. People won some kick ass prizes. Thanks to North 3rd, Silk City, Sourpuss clothing, American Mortals Salon, The Bean Cafe, Tattooed Mom’s, Kim Montenegro,the Red Hook Cafe, Crash Bang Boom,Trinity Framing, and many others.I am really thankful to all of you for coming out and supporting my family during this time. We are so lucky to have such amazing folks in our life. I was really happy to get to spend some time with you all. The T shirts will still be for sale to anyone who is interested. Just send me an email with the quantity , size, and shipping address. They are $20 each. Please keep reading the blog and commenting. It makes me feel connected to you all even when we don’t see each other. I LOVE YOU ALL ! KISSES! Some of you may have had a few too many and maybe forgot all the promises you made to me about taking my kids places or taking me out for a few dates. I will be collecting on those soon. Have a great day! Andrea

P.S. For those of you who could not make it or were out of town you have another chance to have fun for a good cause. Our dear friend Amanda planned the Stay  Strong Live Wrong night next Saturday July 27th also at the M room on Girard Ave. I will get the list of bands at the next post. I know you are like, “another benefit?”.  Well, we did not organize them so people were not aware of the each others plans. I hope you can come out if you did not make it tonight. T shirts will be on sale there as well as prizes, drink specials, and music.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Hey Andrea,
    I’m happy that I made it out. I had to leave early to trade off with Tatum (she was watching my little man) but it was still great to see you and everyone. I would love to bring Colin over to see Clayton and maybe entertain them both while you rest or do the things you need to do. My e-mail is on here so let me know when you need a hand. Take Care, Kelly xo

  2. Rob says:

    Hey! Even the blog is sporting pinks nautical stars!

    Thanks to everyone who organized and attended the event last night. It was a great time and good to see so many folks come out to support Andrea.

  3. leah says:

    YEAH! i’m so happy there is going to be another one i was so mad i had to miss this one : (
    i so want a shirt!

  4. tabytha says:

    hey andrea…..remember tab and sean…..sorry i missed the benefet will definitely be at the next one…..would love a t-shirt too…..just spoke with marian she told me about this…leaving my email here so get in contact will help in any way i can……keep your spirits up and take care… me……..luv ya tabytha

  5. Andrea says:

    Rob, how did you put up those nautical stars? Or did Jon O do that?