I am facing my 4th chemo treatment this week. I am scared.The side effects have been getting more difficult. But I trust God. I pray for His will. I pray for strength. I have faith in Him. I will also get my acupuncture. I have seen that benefit me immensely. I am sure this time will be no different.

My doctor told me that she wanted to give me an additional medication for bone strengthening. After researching this medicine( Zometa) and its side effects and finding out there was a class action suit against the manufacturer for problems associated with the medicine, I have decided against taking it. The problems included osteonecrosis of the jaw…the flesh rotting away from the jaw. No thanks!I contacted my IBC “sister” Alaina in Ohio and she also declined to take this med because of its brutal side effects. I am so thankful for the internet. It is hard to be an advocate for yourself. But if you don’t then you are screwed. Here is a link to short USA today article about it. I used a lot sources. Its a scary drug.

My results from my petscan and catscan came back. There is improvement in all areas. The cancer appears as a brightly lit area prior to treatment. Now those areas are more dim. Which is a good sign. I also want to pass on some extra info that has given me some hope. I know that I have stage 4 cancer and I can be sort of pessimistic about it. But my friend Alaina also has/had stage 4 IBC as well. Now her cancer is stable and even the cancer in her bones is healed. HEALED. She has been stable for more than 7 months. She also is a Christian and prays for God the physician to heal her cancer. I ask that you all pray that God will be merciful and do the same for me.

I also have my second opinion scheduled for this Thursday at University of Pennsylvania Hospital. I am looking forward to meeting Dr. De Michelle. She is an expert on my cancer. I have some questions that I hope she can answer for me. I do not want to give up on the idea that they can stabilize me for many years to come. I joke about dying…but really I want to stick around for a long time. It could happen.

I will keep you all up to date on everything with my care. Feel free to comment/ email /text me/or call me. If it takes me a minute to get back to you its because I a selfish b***h….just kidding its because it will be a busy week with appointments almost every day.

I love you all. Stay strong, live wrong

3 Responses to “Mercy”

  1. Siobhan says:

    you are spectacular. your faith can do amazing things.

  2. shelley says:

    i am so glad to read the news about your results. we were in california for a week and i kept checking the blog. you are always in my thoughts.

    i also got lots of opportunities to talk about you, IBC and the blog as lots of folks like my punk rock pink ribbon (thanks, kelly!).

  3. jenni bender says:

    such awesome news! university of penn doctors have done wonders for my family. i pray this woman gives you what you need.

    i love you lady. and so does God. i’m so happy that you received good news… i am here for you always.