Feel the love


Thank you to Amanda ( who organized), Katie( who showed her boobies 2X), Lindsay from Chic Petique( who looks great!) and the M room people for the second fundraiser. It also went very well with awesome bands and a supportive crowd. I did not know everyone who came out but it was nice to see a few familiar faces. The love and support we continue to receive is really beautiful.

Several other fundraisers are in the works that I think could be really fun. Kelly and I will continue to come out and sell shirts at these events. And its a great to see everyone when I am feeling good. I can’t say too much more because nothing is finalized but I think you all will be happy to come out and join us. We are so thankful for you all. I am blessed to have such loving fiends.

And thank you sooooooooooo much to everyone that has been generous in supporting my friend Shayna’s breast cancer 3 day walk. You are all so great. It is a wonderful thing to donate for this cause. All proceeds go to the Susan Komen foundation for breast cancer research. Give til it hurts,Shayna will be!

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