Is there such a thing as coincidence?

asa.jpgIn case you didn’t know the twins have been away all summer in Virginia with my dear friend Naomi. This is not a new thing. Na has taken my kids in before on many occasions. I thought that it would be a good idea for them to have a longer visit right now given the situation. My illness – as well as the fact that it takes more to keep them busy then I can give right now. But I miss them so so much. They are not good on the phone so its hard to make the calls translate to anything significant. Naomi has been keeping me up to date on all their activities. She had an opportunity to send them to a nearby camp where they will get to build fires, carve stuff, and do outdoorsy dangerous stuff. Perfect. So Naomi sent me the email below to share about something that happened there. I left it as is. Read it if you want. I thought it was kind of awesome. I like seeing the interconnectedness of our little world. Naomi is a sensitive lady. My illness has hit her harder than some. I don’t know exactly what to say to make her feel better. So I will just say I love you Naomi…don’t cry anymore.


we brought the twins out to the living 
earth school camp today.
introduced them to the people running the camp, 
got them lock blade carving knives, 
got thier stuff into the tents, etc.
then kate (the woman who runs the camp)
 says, wow, we've got two ASA's
 this year.  i think, that's strange,
but how cool. little later while
 all the kids are out playing
 in the field, kate and i catch up
 w/eachother  and she tells me that
 the other Asa in the
 camp's mom crossed over from
 breast cancer a couple of years ago.
then i go to say goodbye to the 
kids and Asa and Asa are sitting next
 to each other talking.
and really, what the f**************ck 
is going on with the divine, I'm
 already too much of a hippie to 
have trippy things like this
 happening.  could you ask the 
big guy to take it easy with me, 
kinda explain my
 situation or somethin' to him?
much love,
just thought I'd share that
sha nay nay

2 Responses to “Is there such a thing as coincidence?”

  1. Heidi Barr says:

    Oh…little bits of perfection everywhere.

  2. carol w. sposato says:

    dear Andrea,
    I’m just a well wisher who caught the Inquirer article about you. I just wanted to mention that there’s some kind of vegetarian diet that a woman in Ohio tried when all else failed and she’s been cancer free after being on it. A woman in my church is trying it as she battles cancer for the 4th time.
    She is following the diet in conjunction with chemo and feels stronger so far anyway. It has to do with changing your body’s ph level to make it more alkaline which is supposed to be an unfriendly environment for cancer.