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In Nanotechnonlogy… I posted an interesting article looking at the future of cancer treatment. Its an easy read and it may surprise how close they are to finding a cure.

In “Coincidence” I just included an email from my friend Naomi about well coincidence and Asa

In Feel the love I am thanking y’all for the support and fund raisers.

And in Mercy I am looking at my week, talking chemo,results from scans,and the dangers of Zometa.

Happy reading. Love Andrea

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  1. dalissa says:

    Oh, Andrea… Tony W. called me a couple days ago as he drove past the McDonald’s where we met and gave me your blog addy and told me your news. I am heartbroken for you. Words seem trite at this point so I’ll just say that I am praying for you. It seems like only yesterday that we met for lunch and you showed me your workplace or that we hung out at McD’s while our kiddos played and then walked back to your apt. I love you!