In the genes


Here is an excerpt from a recent comment about what causes cancer…

FYI there are only six things the cells require for perfect health. I would think for the sake of your children you would inform yourself what these are and begin to consume them daily, TO ASSIST IN THE FIGHT (omega 3 oils are only one of the six ESSENTIAL ingredients.

Secondly, the very best lymph cleanse occurs through jumping (per Albert Einstein who stated that the most powerful force on the cells is via gravity),
so a poperly designed mini-trampoline (called a Celluciser) is in order.
Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you.

A response from my smart Alec

Hey everyone, Alec here. This is my first post ever, and it also happens to be a response to some comments being made by Glenn Bogue. I’ve been reading his comments and found much disinformation in what he’s saying.

First, Cells require two thing to survive: Glucose and Oxygen. The glucose comes from ANY food we eat. When we eat, our stomach acids break down the food into its simplest forms. These are the glucose, and the waste. This glucose is actually not used in cellular activity. The cells convert glucose into a smaller more usable amount of energy called ATP. A good way to visualize this is to imagine that glucose is a $100 bill, and you want to buy a $2 burrito, Your cellular function. Instead of paying with the $100 bill, you convert the $100 bill, into $100’s in $5 dollar bills. It is more efficient to use the smaller single denomination then all of the larger denomination at once. Anyway, the glucose is stored in the cell and in the body as fat. What makes glucose not be able to be the cause of cancer is that glucose, whether from a good or bad source, is glucose. When you look at from a chemists perspective, Glucose will always be C6H12O6. Any addition or change to the molecule will make it no longer be Glucose, but something else.

Second, Cancer’s that have been proven to be caused by genes are inevitable. Yes, pollution and toxins can cause some cancers. For example, Lung Cancer can be caused by cigarettes and pollution. However, there has been instances where a person who never smoked, and was not exposed to high levels of pollution have contracted cancer. In actuality, you are actually more likely to develop asthma or Tuberculosis from exposure to cigarettes and/or air pollution. Yes, cancers have been known to be caused by extraneous substances, such as water pollution or radiation. However, the more scientists study the human genome, the more we learn about cancer and its causes. All this means, is that Cancer is a problem in the genes, NOT the immune system. Cancer is defined as “any malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division“. In the cell, there is a protein that stops cell division, much like the hormone that tells you that you are full (of food). Now proteins are made up of 20 Amino Acids, and as my biology teacher says, they are “the very building blocks of life”. The arrangement of the amino acids is directly taken from the template (or blueprint) established IN THE DNA. If the DNA is incorrectly copied during the S phase (or synthesis phase) of Mitosis, the protein may not be created. Normally, these cells are destroyed before they can do any damage. But if the cancerous cell replicates to quickly, the body will not be able to eradicate it.

Finally, the idea that jumping up and down will clean your lymph nodes is preposterous and is obviously based on now obsolete ideas about cancer and its causes. In the 1800’s and early 1900’s, it was believed that people needed to clean their blood everybody by slitting their wrists. This is now seen as absurd as well as unnecessary, much like “The Celluciser”.

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    Andrea says:

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    So Alec is my 17 tear old son. We are really trying to understand why someone who has no knowledge of how I eat( very well) or how much jumping I do assumes that I am unaware of how cancer develops. In truth, if it was food -none of us would get cancer. I eat fish and organic veggies dear. Still got the cancer. And as I said on the radio I personally know people who were macrobiotic and vegetarian who have/had cancer. Why are we blaming my genetic defect on food?

  2. Anna Del Vecchio says:

    OK few things here
    1) Unlike my mother I understood what you were saying
    2) There is a reason I sit near you in Biology class
    3) You need to send this to Mr. H. to prove that you, me, Quynhdiem and Abi really do pay attention in his class…well actually this proves that you pay attention doesn’t show much for the rest of us.

  3. Alec says:

    Anna you rock! When I was writing the post I kept thinking, “I should send this to Mr. Herbstritt just to show him that I pay attention”.

  4. Heidi Barr says:

    O rats – I was preparing to adhere to a strict regime of jumping up and down and slitting my wrists to avoid all those horrid illnesses lurking in my junk food.

  5. Rob says:

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    It’s okay to like jumping up and down though, right? I think trampolines are kind of fun. I would hate to find out that they cause cancer.

  6. Rob says:

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    I think I read portions of the above post on Dr. Bronner’s soap bottle this morning.

    It’s funny how people try desparately to insinuate their ideas into fora (the shower, a family blog, the backs of cereal boxes, Starbucks sleeves…) where they really don’t belong.

    Dr. Bronner made a nice soap though. And it’s made with fair trade ingredients now.

    Does anyone know if there is some useful product I might consume while paying little to no attention to the crackpot ideas advocated on its surface? I’d really LIKE TO SEE such a PRODUCT that advocates THINGS without the use of Winnie the Pooh-style IMPORTANT CAPITALIZATIONS.

  7. Wendy says:

    Three Cheers for Alec! That was awesome! I agree with Rob, jumping is awfully fun – the kids got a trampoline for Christmas and it is great for using up energy but I did a double take at the notion it could bounce that cancer right out of your body. Just in case I can pull it out when your in CA if you want *wink*. So, Alec, any notions of becoming a teacher. That was a great lesson.

  8. jenni bender says:

    Alec, this is Jenni Bender’s dad Paul…

    I read what you wrote and couldn’t agree with you more. After undergoing 2 organ transplants and various malfunctions of my body, including Cancer of my lymph nodes, I feel that you’re the one on the right track. By not taking anybody’s answer as the right answer, you may very well hold the true answer to the cure for Cancer in your head.


    Dear Andrea, this is Jenni Bender’s dad Paul…

    I can’t imagine what it’s like to go through Inflammatory Breast Cancer, but I have had since childhood, Alpha-1 Anti Tripson Difficiency, only 212 other people in the US have been reported with this disease. I have been blessed with great friends, great doctors and a strong will, and have never looked upon any of my sicknesses as a curse, but a blessing. No matter what happens, it’s a learning experience for either me or my doctors. So nothing goes to waste. I’ve never had a bad day, only some days are better than others. It’s my belief that everything comes from stress, you could probably live eating dirt, but if you said to yourself, “all i’ve got to eat is dirt, it’d make you sick”. Stress is the reason.

    Doctor Wayne Dwyer, a leading nutritionist of eating non-inflammatory foods, said it helps reduce the stress on the body. Foods we eat today aren’t the same foods our parents ate. They may look the same, but they have been so chemically altered that though they might look healthy, they really are not, for instance red meat. And this is coming from a red meat eater. Cattle are so full of chemicals, anti-biotics,and growth hormones, that these animals would probably die from the same diseases we get from eating them, if only we’d let them live long enough. The lung disease that I had was an inflammatory disease, too. It took 30 years to mature. And because I won’t stop eating red meat, I’ll probably need another lung transplant when I’m 92.

    I really don’t know if you find any truth in what I’m saying. I don’t mean to be someone who meddles, but if you were in one of my support groups, I’d be telling you the same thing to your face. I’d love to meet you and we could have a discussion or you could tell me to butt out, either way it would be neat to meet you!

    Best regards, do the right thing, Paul Bender. (Here is my cell phone number if you ever want to talk 610-931-1811).

  9. jenni bender says:

    ps. andrea my dad asked me to tell you that he didn’t mean wayne dwyer, he meant andrew weil.

  10. Tamara(McGizzle's mama) says:

    Hey Alec
    I have been silently stalking this website-You are an amazing kid with a beautiful mom and strong family! I wanted to extend our family’s arms out to you and your family. You all have my prayers but I can offer more….Give me a night to bring dinner or clean or whatever-You know I am an oncology nurse at Jefferson, so if you need any answers, I have some resources here-
    Take Care and please do not walk past my front door without stopping in.

  11. PopPop & MeMa says:

    Dear Alec,

    We will always love you and your brothers & sister, as we always loved our daughter, Andrea. I just pray that one day we have the time to talk in a calm, quiet place.

    This is a tragic situation where no one was to blame, and for your information, for what it is worth, we are hurting and suffering along with you and Kelly. Your Dad never understood what happened, and neither do we.

    Love you,
    PopPop & MeMa