Where Eagles Dare


As many of you may already know, when I was first diagnosed Kelly and I came up with the idea of having people get pink nautical star tattoos to be in solidarity with me. He called it the punk rock pink ribbon. From there many of you lovingly chose to permanently mark your bodies. I am so thankful for this certainly gives a new voice to the breast cancer awareness issue. It gives you all an opportunity to say “my friend Andrea has inflammatory breast cancer. ” And it gives you all a chance to tell people/women about the disease.

When we found out people were doing fund raisers for our family Kelly and I took a chunk of money and made these lovely Eagle t shirts emblazoned with our lovely pink nautical stars. They are very cool actually. We sold some at the M room. But we still have 100+ left ( no mediums). They are sitting in my room. They are nicely folded in a big box. We would like to sell them to you. If you are interested please call/email/or leave a comment. We will ship them to you. Kelly says we can sell them and ship them for $20 each. Let me know if you want one. And of course if you want to get the pink solidarity star, Kelly is at body graphics Monday through Wednesday.

So after a very eventful week of being on the radio and having a lot of people comment on my diet..etc. I can say this..I am not at all interested in this debate. Not at all. We can stop discussing all the issues of cellular requirements blah blah blah. I want to talk about what feels empowering to me. I want to talk about life. And how to live in the moment. I want to talk about the struggle to remain positive in a sea of negativity. I want to talk about God making His presence known and His perfect plan. If you have a need to comment about ways I could have prevented my genetic malfunction comment on someone else’s blog.

That said… It is true that I started writing this to let my loved ones know how I am. And I realize that quite a few of you are not personal friends. So if I am sharing something universal that you relate to that’s awesome. I am just doing the best I can on any given day. Sometimes I am successful and other times I am not. I appreciate all the love and support I receive from those of you that take the time to read my thoughts. I hope something in what I say enriches your life. This experience while sad and tragic for my family has also given me a strong desire to create change in my daily life. And it is this motivation that dictates much of what you read in the blog. I always wanted to be a therapist and help people. I did not get a chance to do that and I am not sure that I ever will. But somehow I think that if I am helping you through the things that I share well then that is a wonderful thing.

8 Responses to “Where Eagles Dare”

  1. Jeff Sensenig says:

    Whether or not you have the letters behind your name or the office, I would say you are every bit the therapist. Thank you for including me in your journey. I know that I shouldn’t say you are strong or amazing, so how about just plain cool. I really respect who you are and what you are about. I really enjoyed the show w/ Dr. Dan. I want a T-shirt and I’m thinking seriously about the nautical star. We also want to bring dinner over again sometime soon (this time I’m come over too).

  2. Dan Brecker says:

    heard you on whyy this morning and was very impressed with your positive attitude . I have been married for 35 years to a beautiful woman ,she is 67 ,a retired speech therapist ,diagnosed with als ,lou gehrigs disease..she is on hospice ,I have her at home with me with 2 caretakers 24/7 . I feel helpless and stressed out .. I know there is no cure and I need to stay strong and find a way to get through this, I admire your attitude and strength and would appreciate hearing from you.. Dan

  3. Patti says:

    Hi Andrea. My alarm(well clock radio) went off this morning and I listened to your lovely soothing voice and a good portion of your interview Dr. Dan. You are a very inspiring woman! I will play more board games with my kids, more mad libs or whatever! It is good to be reminded to take life as it comes with strength, humor and a positive attitude. Thank you for bravely sharing your point of view. I would like a T shirt to remind me of your excellent advice and wisdom! best wishes for you and your family.

  4. CM says:

    Hi Andrea,

    You don’t know me, but I just want to say that I just heard you on Voices in the Family. You gotta love Dr. Dan. I’m not generally a “sappy” or “spiritual” person, but I was really taken with your interview. . .so much so that I spent some serious time perusing your blog.

    Being punk rock, I am sure you are planning on kicking your disease in the ass. Like your legions of fans, I’m pulling for you. Being a mommy, I am sure you’ve considered the implications if your disease kicks you back harder. That’s why I want to share my story with you.

    I had the greatest father in the world (you may think that distinction goes to Kelly, but we will have to respectfully agree to disagree on this matter). He had a really tough childhood, but was determined to make sure his kids didn’t want for anything. He was humble and generous almost to a fault. After he died, we were inundated with all these letters asking for donations. He was on every charity’s mailing list. Apparently, he sent money to every single charity that asked — he just never mentioned this to anyone. Typical.

    My dad died when I was fairly young –23 — not as young as your kids, so they will definitely have it harder. But I was by no means ready to say goodbye. I was heartbroken. But I take unbelievable comfort in his memory. I survived his death relatively unscathed because he left me so many beautiful memories. He made me strong. More importantly, he made me believe in love. I would take my own father for 60, than a lesser man for 60 years. After reading your blog, it’s clear that you are giving them the same gift. If that f**king disease wins, you children hearts make break for awhile, but their persons will emerge whole. Cancer can’t take away how amazing their mother is.

    Finally, to all those idiots who try to tell you that your disease was somehow your fault, I’d like to point out that when my dad was diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes in his 30s, he quit smoking and drinking, dropped the weight, and started exercising regularly. Then he died from a completely unrelated neurological disease. Sometimes life just sucks like that.

  5. Dina says:

    I realized in looking more closely at the star that the design is included in those temp tattoos I mentioned for the kids. My son has the star on his arm right now 🙂 Listened to the podcast on Friday. You did great! Dan sounds like a pretty nice guy to chat with.

  6. tabytha says:

    Hey Andrea,
    It’s Tabytha again(have you remembered who I am)just wondering. I just wanted to say I would love to buy a shirt. Email me so that I can get one. I told Sean about your website so you will be hearing from him too soon. I know you have lots of things going on but would love to hear from you. Stay cool and be strong.

  7. Andrea says:

    Tabytha of course I remember you. I remember when Perry was born. She must be 14 by now. I remember visiting you in your apartment on Walnut street. I am glad you are well. I am happy you found me. Curious about how. I will be happy to send you a shirt…please email me at tattooedmomof5@yahoo.com Leave me your mailing address. I guess you can either paypal the money or send a check. I am happy to hear from you. Sincerely, Andrea

  8. vikki says:

    Andrea you don`t know me but 3 of your children do . My name is vikki and I work at meredith in the lunchroom and Asa and Tucker are friends with my son Cj . I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing person and a incredible mother . sharing your story like this is very brave but also enlightening to anyone who knows nothing about IBC like myself . You have taught me to be more aware of the goings on in my own body and that nothing in this life is too hard to take as long as you have family and faith . God bless u . And tell Bailey I miss her soooo much vikki ! P.S. I owe the kids a seafood dinner I didn`t forget but this is the only way I know how to contact them take care