Talk talk talk


Yet again I have posted four new blogs at once.

I have listed two upcoming fund raiser events for our family. I truly hope you can make it out or help out in some way. We appreciate your continued love and support.

I also felt compelled to list the symptoms of IBC. Just in case you all missed it the first 4 times.

And finally I felt like sharing my chemo symptoms with you. Some are funny.

Okay so read on this will get you at least 20 minutes of light reading. Please feel free to comment. Don’t hold back I live for you to say hi.

Have a great weekend. And if you want to help…I need someone to watch Clay or my younger kids over the weekend since I am a mess. And I need someone to bring me food from Viet Nam. Shrimp rice vermicelli with extra pickled daikon. Lots of daikon. It makes my stomach feel soooo good. So if you are going to cruise through Chinatown and have some time I would love it. I can pay you for it too.

So do not be a stranger. I am sick yes. I don’t do anything outside the bedroom but if you have time say hi.

I love you all so so much.

7 Responses to “Talk talk talk”

  1. ruthie says:

    Fred and I can help with the kids. I will bring you your vietnam dinner tonight unless you already have it? I love you!

  2. Dina says:

    Love Viet Nam and their vermicelli. You have good taste. I enjoyed all 4 posts, of course. F cancer and F Lupron and F side effects. Though I gotta say that a hairless body sounds good to me. Being Italian and all. I think it’s amazing that you have such incredible friends. Friends who continue to support you and be there for you and love you no matter what. Very few people truly have that. Now that this round of chemo is finished, do you continue on Lupron and steroids? You may have answered that already, but if so, I missed it. Have a relaxing weekend.

  3. Andrea says:

    Dina, Yeah my dear friend Ruth brought by the vermicelli for me tonight. I had just gotten back from acupuncture so I was able to eat most of it. I do really have incredible supportive friends. I tell them that all the time too. I am very fortunate to have chosen well who I have in my life. Or maybe they just found there way to me. So as far as Lupron and steroids go the deal is that I will take them only until the last chemo session. After that I will get my ovaries removed….and will not need steroids at all anymore. So I will experience some of the normal hormonal responses…but not of the side effects of lupron that are outside the scope of menopause. Does that clear it up babe?

  4. Karen Breese says:

    if you still need a hand with any of you kids I’ll be around all afternoon, as well as all day Sunday. I get to see Jess & Alec now and then, but I haven’t seen anyone else in so long. I’d love to spend some time with your family.

  5. Dina says:

    Gotcha. That makes sense. I remember the forced menopause stuff as being really annoying. It sucks that hormones and moods are so connected, as it’s pretty damn impossible to fight a bad mood caused by lack of hormones. I was reading about Rexin-G last night…the studies and trials are pretty exciting. Sounds like it has worked wonders on pancreatic cancer, which I think is one of the most difficult to fight. Hope the acupuncture effects have lasted through your weekend.

  6. the other naomi says:

    hey babe
    just leaving you a note, hope all is going well with getting ready to go to cally (i still wish clayton had been a girl!!!) give me a call when you get some time, evenings are good.
    love love love love love love love love

  7. michelle says:

    Andrea, I just wanted you to know I’m a reader. I met you the first year you and the kids helped the simples with the school supply distribution (i used to live there), and I knew about your diagnosis, but I didn’t know you had a blog until I heard the last 5 minutes of the Dr. Dan show. Your children are gorgeous, your journey is overwhelming and your courage is astounding. Thank you for sharing.