Mommy Is So Special

Mommy is so special.Mommy is so special because she has so many people that love her so much,and because everybody will think of her with love and affection.I Am Always Going To Love My Mommy!!!!!!!!


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  1. Bailey says:


  2. Rob says:

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    This is “my love” to you both:

    I love three women.

    I know, I know, you’re supposed to love only one, but I love three.

    The first is very, very young. She is one of those girls who giggles often. I first met her in high school. I would buy her lunch and we would talk about everything and nothing.

    I met her again yesterday. She’s still very, very young. She still giggles often. She still lights up the room with her smile and we talk about everything and nothing. She is far more fashionable than I remember her being when I was younger and she was older.

    Yesterday she bought *me* lunch. Although I might have things confused, because I do love three women.

    The second woman continued to grow up (as women are wont to do — and so much faster and more beautifully than men) and so did I. We talked about everything more often than nothing, although nothing was still important. And we fought, sometimes like children (I, regretfully, more often than she). We still fight. But now we do so as I imagine grown siblings are supposed to, about things that matter and without bitterness or resentment. I love her more than I knew I would. She still giggles.

    Although I must admit that the second woman is the one I love most, it is simply because she is here today. I will love the third woman forever, and with all my heart. She will be here tomorrow. Perhaps you’ll meet her. She is that very, very young woman, all grown up and waiting for us tomorrow. And she is that very, very young woman, still giggling and still very fashionable.

    If you look, you can see her raising her children. She’s right there as each one graduates college, has a family of their own, and fights with their siblings as adults often do. And she’s there, graduating from college, dressing us all in fashions of the productive children of the revolution. She is everything and nothing. And I love her all.

  3. jahna says:

    Dear bailey-

    I’m so proud of you and how you are handling everything so well-

    with love-


  4. Vikki says:

    Bailey I `m proud of u kiddo lobster is on its way is that with or without butter ? one for Mommy too she is my hero not only because she is sooo brave but because she made u ! oh yeah your goofy brothers too . No lobster for them ha ha love u hunny Miss Vikki

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    Dearest Bailey,

    You might like to know that today when I called Steve Bonne, the Admissions Director at Penn Charter to thank him for his help regarding your desire to attend,,,,,,,guess what he said. No need to thank me, I didn’t have to do anything special for this to happen. She is so bright, so talented and so sweet……she sold herself. I’m just so sorry your Mom didn’t get to hear those words from him.

    I will be with you when we pay tribute to your wonderful mother Bailey. She was so proud of you.

    With affection,

    Toni Alperin Goldberg

    p.s. I told your Mom that you and I have a date late summer to go to lunch and shopping for school clothes. I’ll call you and set it up.