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My dear friends Heather and Bryan are throwing a benefit on October 6th at their shop Bicycle Revolutions. All the information is here. My friends have been so supportive in this way. I am so grateful to you all for your love and concern. I feel very fortunate. If you live in south philly please make sure to come out. I will be there for a while as well with the kids! So read on…about this awesome upcoming event!!!

Another benefit of cancer, especially when it gets more serious, is that friends who you haven’t seen or talked to in years start to come back to you. It is overwhelming, actually, the number of people who have written to me to show their support. I find it bittersweet. I would never have been in any kind of touch with many of them if it hadn’t been for cancer. Yet, I am glad that I have been reconnected to them. Once again, there is this debt of gratitude that I owe to my cancer.”Rachel Troxell

June 25, 2007

Hello All.

Since opening Bicycle Revolutions, we’ve experienced something greater than simply selling bikes. We’ve met wonderful people. Made lasting friendships. Truly discovered what it is to be a part of a community. Which is why we’re asking for your help as we plan a community fundraiser.

Two close friends of our little community, Rachel Levin Troxell and Andrea Collins-Smith, have—like far too many women—been stricken with breast cancer. These are two strong, independent women who are both fighting a frightening battle with two different forms of breast cancer, and Bicycle Revolutions is holding a benefit in their honor.

Rachel is a longtime friend whose energy and vitality was inspiring far before she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She initially went through chemo treatments, and appeared to be better. Unfortunately her cancer metastasized this year and she was sicker than ever before. Thankfully, she seems to be back on the road to recovery and living the spirited, healthy life she lived prior to cancer. You can read about her progress on her blog, where she inspires all of us with quotes like the one above:

Andrea is an old friend of ours—she is a tough, loving, and deeply spiritual woman. She’s also the mother of six children and is suffering from inflammatory breast cancer, which is very rare, difficult to cure, and has a frightening mortality rate. She is currently undergoing an exhausting treatment regimen and has set up a trust for her six kids. That trust will be one of the recipients of money we raise at our event, so our efforts will directly benefit her beloved children. Her blog can be found at

So how are we helping these amazing women? We’re hosting a benefit at our shop on October 6th. The event will bring together our friends, celebrate Rachel and Andrea’s fights against cancer, lift spirits, and hopefully raise a boatload of money for Andrea’s children and the Young Survival Coalition a non-profit dedicated to young women living with breast cancer. The main event will be a big party with lots of food, drinks, and music all for a low admission charge of $10. Every dollar of that is being donated. We will also be raffling off a bunch of great items, all of which have been donated. All of that cash will be distributed to Andrea’s trust and the Young Survival Coalition as well.

We know that there seems to be a thousand benefits for a million different causes. But take a moment to think about cancer, and breast cancer in particular. We‘ve all been affected by this disease in one way or another, and Rachel and Andrea are two more examples of beautiful, vibrant, intelligent people who have to suffer through cancer. And they are two more people in our community that we can all get together and help.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call us about the event. We will be sending out more details, including a time for the party, a sneak peak at some of the items we will be raffling, and hopefully a little sponsorship info when the event gets closer.

We hope to see you there,

Bryan VanArsdale & Heather DeRonck

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