A special room

My mom has a new room. It actually used to be Alec’s room, well is Alec’s room. It is where she is going to sleep while she recovers from her operation. We painted the room a light  blue color. Heidi and Alys painted and Alec and I helped. Our friends Megan,Jenni and Rachel decorated the room very special. There are beautiful curtains. New brown and blue bedding. Giant pillows. And a nice new lamp. And a beautiful tapestry that covers the big hole that Alec punched in the wall. There are flowers that mommy brought home from the hospital. The new chair matches the desk and now the room is comfortable and pretty.

My mom was in bed when I got home. I got into bed with  her. I felt her chest. It felt hard and bony. My mom said we can sleep in the bed together. She gave me her secret stash of peanut m and m’s. And I told her that I watched Ugly Betty without her, she pretended to be mad. I promised I watch it again with her. I am incredibly glad mommy is home!!!!! The new room is awesome.

9 Responses to “A special room”

  1. Abbie says:

    I’m so glad mommy is home in her special room eating m&ms with her special girl, she is lucky to have such a sweetie pie as you !

  2. leah says:

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    that was really nice of you all to give mommy a special room, it was nice of Alec to give up his room for her. you are all such wonderful kids. i’m happy that she is home with you guys.
    you are a great family!

  3. Kim says:

    Hi Bailey,
    I’m so happy your Mom is home. Tell her that I hope she feels better real soon. I’m sure you will take great care of her. You are such a nice girl.
    Kim (Larisa’s mom)

  4. Rebecca says:

    The new room sounds lovely and it is wonderful your mom gets to enjoy it.


  5. Wendy says:


    Thank you for the wonderful post! I can envision your mom in the lovely room surrounded by the love of her family. I am praying for each of you every day.

    Love, Cousin Wendy

  6. jahna says:

    wow the rooms sounds so pretty! im so glad your mom is doing well. i think about you guys every day!
    i love you bailey

  7. jenni bender says:

    bailey! you are so very sweet for helping the room look pretty for your mommy and for taking great care of her! you are wonderful and i love you! i’ll come see you guys soon!

    love, jenni bender

  8. Rachel says:

    dear bailey,
    i love your posts. thanks for helping us with the room. also, the apron you made on your awesome sewing machine is beautiful. i think you should keep sewing. love, rachel

  9. Jeannie says:

    Hey Bailey Girl!!!
    I hope you remember me!!! My name is Jeannie, I have 2 sons that used to go to Rock School named Nikolas & Jourdon that were friends with all you guys. We used to come hang out at your house back when you lived in South Philly & even hung out at your house in Port Richmond/Fishtown accross from that playground (Cione). I am soooo sorry to hear about your mom. I wish that I would have known and been there for you guys! I was looking at the beach pictures…WOW! You are looking more & more like your mom these days!!! You are growing up to be so beautiful. I miss you guys!!!
    ~Jeannie (267-312-6094 cell *incase you’d like to call me sometime)