Friends with benefits


Since the announcement of my diagnosis I have been truly blessed by a genuine outpouring of love. Many people stepped forward and decided to help our family in numerous ways. People have cooked and cleaned. People have been willing to shop and run errands. Some have driven me to appointments and sat in many waiting rooms..waiting. Some held my hands after surgery. Some bought me turbans and headcovers. And some decided to put their managerial skills together and organized benefits. These benefits helped my family get through a very difficult time. We were suddenly having to pay child care expenses and additional costs associated with my illness. We knew that we also needed to put money away to help care for the children in the future. And our friends were gracious, generous and kind. I was and am continually moved by the support and love that is shown.

Becky threw a rocking party at the M room. Amanda organized several events including a bingo night and Halloween party. Heather and Brian had an awesome party at their shop, Bicycle Revolutions. The poinsettia sale was very successful. (If you want to order one there is still time I think. ) And it should be said that most of its success was due to the hard work of Mary Lynn and Ruthie as well as the fact that the American Association for Cancer Research  bought 120! My dear friend Morgan works there so she may have had something to do with it.

This month there are two upcoming events that will benefit everybody. Our lovely friend Jenny Ball has enlisted the beautiful and talented hellcat girls burlesque troop. They will be dancing their way into your hearts on December 10th at the newly refurbished Barbary on Frankford Avenue. This “For the Girls” event should be spectacular. There will be live performances by the Hellcat girls as well as an art auction. Kelly is looking for donations b.t.w. And he will be painting a bust of my old bust. Are you missing my boobies too? You can buy them at the auction. They will look great in your bedroom! And 9.14 pictures will be giving us a tease too with a short about me from the upcoming documentary, The C word. It looks like a stellar affair. Please come on out and have a good time. Below is Jenny’s contact info, if you want to donate anything for the silent auction.

The Bawdy Girls are organizing a benefit for Andrea Collins, a dear friend, and mother of six who is battling inflammatory breast cancer. On Monday, December 10th, we will be hosting “For The Girls” Rock&Roll Carnival at The Barbary (located at 951 Frankford Ave). We are looking for donations for our silent auction to help raise money for Andrea and her family. Original artwork, photographs, paintings, apparel, gift certificates, sculptures, crafts, etc. If you are able to donate, please contact Jenny . And please feel free to pass on to anyone you know that would be interested in donating.
Thank you,
Jenny Ball

Paul Green is also doing a benefit for our family. Specifically, to help us raise funds for Asa and Tucker to go to Saint Joesph’s Prep. The Rock School event will take place at the TLA on South Street on December 31st. It will be an all -star show with the kids from the Philly and area rock schools doing the best of the season. We are so happy to be part of this and we hope if you have never been to a rock school show you make it out. Nothing is more amazing than seeing these kids nail some of the most awesome rock music of our generation. And if you have been to rock school shows you know how amazing they are. Some special surprises are in store too. Below are the details. I hope you all can make it out for our benefit.


A benefit for the Collins Family, featuring:


The Collins Family Players

El Fuego * The Feathertops * Crisbie and the original Recipe * Dyslexicon * The Will

$12 advance/$15 at the door

Monday Dec 31st. 11am
doors/12pm show

Again i thank you for all the love and support. I hope that if you live in Philadelphia or the surrounding area you will take the time to attend either/both of these events. We appreciate your support.

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    Morgan says:

    We had a great response at the office to the poinsettias. I need to mention, though, that it’s the American Association for Cancer Research, not the American Cancer Society. And we totalled 92. We had 30 plants purchased by the organization, the other 60+ were from individual employees. Maybe the ACS also participated, but that’s not me.

    I thought about you a lot yesterday. I was at a birth at HUP. I’ve been thinking about the number of families who have been blessed with better births through the classes that you taught and then passed the torch for me to teach. That’s quite a ripple effect of goodness. I know my life is different because of how you taught me to look at birth lo those 9 years ago. The joy has been widespread. Women are stronger. Babies are healthier. I came as close as I’ve ever come to catching a baby yesterday morning. The docs didnt’ believe that the mom was that far along.
    Just wanted to remind you to count those hundreds of babies and their families among your blessings and the good you’ve done.

  2. Andrea says:

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    Morgan I fixed my mistake.Sorry about that.And it does make me really happy to know that I have helped so many women, directly and indirectly via childbirth classes and just being a mom. It has been a huge source of comfort to me that in my relatively short life I have had he opportunity to help so many families breastfeed, have natural births, and become the parents they wanted to be. It has been nothing less than a blessing to be part of so many people’s lives.