Tis the season


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I took a break from writing so that I could spend some good time with the family. I really like Thanksgiving. Its like Christmas without the presents. And even though I enjoy presents the commercial gift giving is less appealing than the the getting together with family and eating part of it.

We went to Clarence and Lhianna’s house. They invited us (8) and allowed us to bring 6 other guests with us. (girlfriends of the boys plus Ori, Kristin, and Tavi). So Lhianna is a saint. She cooked for two days and everything was from scratch. All I had to do was a pecan pie and a ham. Everything at Clarence and Lhianna’s house is warm and inviting. It is easy to feel comfortable and at home. We played a game with 14 people after dinner.It was a good time albeit loud.

I was so thankful for all my friends and family. I was thankful that the radiation has not made me unable to swallow or too sore or tired to enjoy my family. And I was thankful that I did not have to cook for two days. We had a wonderful time hanging out together. It was interesting to see both my teenage sons with their girlfriends. Parents be warned…they do not stay little for long. It may seem like it will last forever but if you blink they will be teenagers. Really.

I am very happy about the upcoming Christmas. I do not feel it as a commercialized responsibility or burden of gift giving. Rather I am quite pleased with the idea of letting my loved ones know they are loved. And presenting them with tokens of my affection. This time of year can fill us with anxiety. Right now nothing could make me more relaxed than the idea of quality time with the family.

Over the years we have developed some pretty sweet traditions around the holidays. I think in the attempt to avoid the lure of the mall and credit card circus that Christmas can become. We have the kids do a Pollyanna for one parent and one sibling. They usually shop together and manage to buy simple things that are”perfect’ for their pollyanna. It is very impressive. They don’t go to the mall. Just go to South Street and go to a few stores that are owned by friends of ours. It makes me happy to avoid the hype.

My own gifts this year were primarily books and handmade goodies from artisans. I mentioned they are occupying the drawer in my room. It feels good to be done with it already. I think too that having limited resources is a strong motivator to just get the kids the things they need or just will really enjoy. Maybe things would be different if I had a lot of money. Maybe not.

What I think the kids really enjoy is the time with us. The time we spend sitting around making jokes and eating. Playing games and laughing together. We have a birthday cake for Jesus every Christmas day. I think it helps us keep it all in perspective. I am looking forward to Christmas. I am looking forward to having them home for a week or two. I am looking forward to the games. And all the people dropping by. I hope the friends that have been swamped with work and school will have time to breath and stop by.

Today most of my children are home. And my plan is to make them eat leftovers and hang out with me. Well and maybe clean a bedroom or two. I hope you all had a sweet and wonderful holiday. And I hope that the Christmas season is a joyous one. God Bless you all.

2 Responses to “Tis the season”

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    Dina says:

    Sounds like a great way to spend any holiday. By the way, I am totally blaming my new etsy obsession on you. I checked it out after you mentioned it and ordered 3 things already. Great stuff! I wish I could knit things myself though. When Owen was born my favorite gift he received was a blanket that the librarian at my school had made. She’s not even really a “friend”, but that blanket held so much meaning in the time and care it took to make it. That’s what makes a gift a gift. I will try to remember this as my two year old begins begging for Thomas engines this Christmas season. Happy Sunday!

  2. leah says:

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