I make this look easy

Another day, another cancer related activity. No really. OK today I went to see my toxic bartender Ingrid. Who we love. And I told her I  would like a second opinion. I was so nervous. I tell you it was like telling your partner you want to see other people. But she was so awesome…she said,   “Oh that’s fine..can I recommend so and so”. You could not ask for a more reasonable response.  All my blood work looked good. And we talked about my nausea. She switched my Rx. But if anyone wants to make me pot brownies let me know. While we were at the cancer center a nurse commented on my boobs( which were busting out of my dress). I said, “Yeah well they will be gone in a few months.” I figure that I might as well enjoy them while I can. And everyone else should too I reckon. Me and the boobies had a lot of good years together. Oh well.  The best was going to the cancer survivor party at Pennsylvania Hospital. The staff from Karnell was all there..working after work?  We had a nice time. Good food. And the best is I saw my chemo buddy Kristine ( she’s featured in the chemo pics Jon took). Awesome!  I did also manage to shop for Bailey today. I had a lovely lunch with Lhianna and Xia. And I kept down all my food. Oh the joy. I will be in pretty good health until my next chemo appointment on June 20th. And I am expecting that one to hit me a bit harder than this time. They say there is more of cumulative effect with chemo. I will make sure Jon captures some good b&w photos of me sleeping and barfing. I know you can’t wait. Love you all. Keep posting comments..they make my day. I will keep filing you in on this story. Andrea

4 Responses to “I make this look easy”

  1. Kristie and steve Matt says:

    Andrea- you handle everything with grace, humor, diginity and most importantly, BALLS.
    You rule, and I don’t doubt your courage for a second. Eat a bagel for me!
    Cheers to one of the toughest, most badass chicks I know. I’m confident that all will be well. I love you! -K.

  2. jenni says:

    hey lady!! you are my hero. you’re doing great! i did want to talk to you about your Rx… i was put on meds for nausea years ago (still am), have a week belly. but…. have you tried compazine? i’ve taken that for years… it’s more of a mental kinda anti-nausea meds, shuts of the trigger in your brain that tells you to vomit. weird i know. there is another drug thats way more effective (maybe what you take?) i’ll try to find the name. also… i have these wristband things… they push a little ball into your arm (it’s accupressure) but it’s supposed to help subside nausea too. i have a pair if you’d like to try them out. they look like little sweatbands… i have no idea if they really work or not, i’ve tried them a few times. drop me a line at jenibender@gmail.com and let me know… love you girl. xo

  3. melanie says:

    Hello. Your blog was passed along to me by a friend, Leann. I just wanted to stop in and say hello. Although we are both in quite different situations, I was just recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblstic Leukemia (cancer of the blood oh ya!) and I’ve been working through that myself. I just wanted to say that I find your blog inspiring and your outlook very similar to mine. Being open and positive about what’s going are probably the best two things that I feel I can be doing for myself, and I can only imagine how powerful they can be for you and others. If I was in Philly (and allowed to get tattoos during treatment 😉 I’d partake in your pink star tattoo offer. Sounds outstanding!

  4. amanda says:

    Somehow a farmer finds time to be on the computer. I have a feeling it’s this blog that keeps me coming back. I wouldn’t be on line half as much if i didn’t get to hear from you like this everyday. I think of you so often- there is so much time for thinking out in the field all day. while i’m planting lettuce, i think about brining you a weekly dose of fresh organic veggies to heal your body. We work and live with a family that has three kids, and when the oldest is acting fresh (to put it nicely) and getting away with it (which is always), I say to Matt, Do you think Andrea would let that crap slide? I think they should send him down to you for a month and you can whip him into shape. your mothering is something to be admired.
    Sometimes though i just wish I could be there, move in and become your personal cook or something. I’m a good housekeeper.
    I just wanted to be in touch with you somehow- to say hello, say i’m thinking of you always. And I just plain miss you.
    I love you