new images

post-chemo, hanging out with the family stuff…no dramatic barfing pics yet….

New Pictures Here

5 Responses to “new images”

  1. B Chuck Smitty says:

    Hi Andrea and Clayton,
    What a cute pic! Thanks so much Andrea for all your posts. I never knew what a ‘blog’ was before, (old guy here) but must say it’s pretty damn cool reading your updates and thoughts. You express yourself so very well and so blantently honest about stuff aka crap that is happening in your life now. Stay strong Andrea. You are one amazing woman for sure~

    Much Love,

  2. Gwen Doggett says:

    Hi Andrea, I have often wondered over the years what you were doing but wow…I never thought I would be catching up with your life like this! I love your words and pictures as they are able to paint a reality for all of us so that we can know how to pray for you. You have always left an impression wherever you have gone and I am glad that you are able to express so much through this blog. As I look at the picture of you and Clay, the phrase that comes to mind is “pure love” ( I know, I know, that’s two words) but as I am also the mother of 5 baby boys, I know that bond and the purity of a kiss between a mama and her baby. I will continue to follow your life in blog and as Cindy said, would love to help in any way that I can.

  3. Jerah says:

    Awesome, beautiful, awesome picture. Did I say awesome twice? Beautiful.

  4. Sarah DeRose says:

    Dear Andrea,
    I hope your doing fine after your 2nd treatment. Here is the correct email address for me. I gave you the wrong one the other day when you came in to see the doctor.

    I have alot of people praying for you including myself, I completely believe in the power of prayer I believe the prayer chain the I had for my son made a difference.

    Stay strong your M.A
    Pennsylvania Oncology

  5. Jo Brigandi says:

    your honesty, humor & balls are very inspiring. you & your family have been in my prayers. i must admit that i’m a bit in awe. you’re undoubtedly one of the bravest people i’ll ever meet.