Photo Medley from the last few months

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7 Responses to “Photo Medley from the last few months”

  1. Andrea says:

    Thank you Jon. Jon has been taking photos whenever possible. He is getting his Masters degree so he has been really busy. I appreciate the time it takes to get these photos done and put them on the site. If you haven’t had a chance check out Jon’s flickr account. So a few words about the photos…some are from the summer. A few are from the day I was on Voices in the Family with Dan Gottlieb. He is pictured with me. Some are from chemo when I was still bald. Other are from my current chemo..more hair less boobs. A few are from Clay’s birthday in October. I was recovering from surgery so I was not even there. It is interesting to see all the different phases of this journey. It is also hard to look at some of them. I gained a lot of weight during my first round of chemo. I have since lost most of it. But it is shocking to see nonetheless.
    My favorite is the picture of Tucker in which you see Asa’s reflection in the door. Everyone enjoy…let us know what you think.

  2. shayna says:

    you guys are beautiful beautiful!!! and in response to your last entry where you said that you don’t like to clean- pick a room- I am coming over this week. Make a list.

  3. Larue Miller says:

    In response to your cleaning dilema- there was a story on Action News a few weeks ago about an organization that gives free cleaing services to cancer patients-the website is cleaning for a They have services available in the Philly area. You should check them out! I’m glad you feel well enough to do so many things that took a back burner for so long! I hope I will get to meet you at the Corsets for a Cure event on Feb 1st. It seems like it will be a great event and our whole family is excited about it! (my daughter Erin works for Amy Delicious, her boyfriend designed the logo and my oldest daughter came up with the name-Corsets for a Cure.)
    The photos are great. You are so lucky to have them and we are lucky you are willing to share them along with everything else you do. I do feel “addicted” to your blog and I check it frequently throughout the day when I’m at work. I do admit I don’t always check during the week end, but it is the 1st thing I do on a Monday morning.
    Thank you again for your incredible insight, your faith and your passion for living and loving.

  4. joshua says:

    jon o is the man. so is alec.

  5. michelle says:

    What fantastic pictures– and a beautiful display. I like the reflecting one a lot too. But the henna pictures. Wow. I had women henna my belly when I was very pregnant, and it made me feel so beautiful despite my bulkiness and discomfort. I hope it had that affect for you too.

  6. Dina says:

    I really like the photo of you and Jesse nose to nose. And I am thinking that it must be weird seeing yourself looking so much different. I know that when we met you for the first time in late December, you opened the door and I was thinking, “Who is this little woman?” You are quite tiny in person. Ed said the same thing. I loved looking at these. Jon takes beautiful pictures.

  7. Wendy says:

    Beautiful pictures! I melted over the one of Kelly and Clay with the birthday candle. You have a perfect shaped head. And I had to totally laugh at myself. In the more recent pictures I noticed your shape was different and attributed it to the weight loss. It wasn’t until your final comments on how recent the pictures were that I went back and noticed your chest. See, now it looks like mine. It seemed so normal to me! You are beautiful!

    Jon does an awesome job of capturing the moments. Please extend my thanks to him for keeping us who can’t see you in teh visual loop.