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  1. sha nay nay says:

    dark humor.

    i love this picture, it makes me think about all the hilarious things you say about cancer. i sometimes share the jokes we have about it with others and they look at me like i’m crazy. but you and me are already survivors of many different things, and we’ve learned that you’ve gotta keep laughing, find the humor in the puking toddler, the divorce, single motherhood, and the humor helps to balance it all.
    so here’s a really good one. it’s no longer cancer, it’s “THE CAN. ”

    say it with me,

    “yeah, i got the can back in ’07”

    now that’s got a ring to it. ’cause sometimes i get tired of the word cancer, and what it means to me, illness and death, and the sympathy response, and the oh that’s so horrible’s. not that it doesn’t mean those things. but THE CAN, now that’s something you could say off hand and it’s not a conversation stopper. almost like it’s something so common that everyone goes through it and it’s so normal that we can give it a nick name. like the clap. nicknames make me feel at ease and comfortable, the can, like it’s a friend i’ve known for awhile.

    i really thought you’d get a kick out of that. i will only refer to it as such from here on in. your can.

    tiny’s birth day party was really huge, there were like 45 people here. sorry i couldn’t talk longer on the phone, but i’ll call some evening soon. i hope this makes you smile,

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