More punk than you


Corsets for a cure was last night and it was an amazing event. It was very impressive. Amy did a beautiful job. Like many other gallery opening on first Friday the corsets were exhibited on podiums. We arrived close to 7pm and there was already a decent crowd. I took all the older boys with me. They had a great time too. There were some close friends there of course. But there were also a lot of people I didn’t know. The corsets are up for auction until the end of the month at All the proceeds go to the Linda Creed Foundation. Thank you Amy for the raffle proceeds. Thanks to everyone who attended. And especially to the artists who took the time to produce such unique and beautiful garments/art. I am so glad I had the pleasure to meet some of you. And thanks to Fran from Linda Creed. And everyone from the Art Institute. You were all awesome.

The event garnered considerable press. It was covered in the City Paper, the front page of the metro section of the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Fishtown Spirit. The last two mentioned were quite long. I did not get to read the Fishtown Spirit article even though I was interviewed for it. Amy told me the last line of the story was commenting on me and it said, anyway you slice it she’s more punk than you. I loved that. I want to have a t-shirt with that on it. Cause I am you know.

All kidding aside, I am really happy and grateful that Amy did so much to put this altogether. Thank you Larue Miller for my glass bottle cokes. It was incredibly kind and thoughtful. And thanks again to all the artist

Much Love, Andrea


4 Responses to “More punk than you”

  1. Lhianna says:

    The show was awesome! Thank you Amy for putting all this together. You did an amazing job! The art was all great and the party was a lot of fun. I hope the auction does well. It was also really great to see so many people participating and being creative and having fun. Everyone was having a great time, from the artists to the Delicious gang to everyone wearing corsets and serving food and drinks. Great event!

  2. Donna Arnold says:

    Hi Andrea:
    What a swell cause…..I am glad you shared it with all of us…..your loyal army of bloggers!!!! I will go to the website and see if I can also pull up those newspaper articles….
    I have to agree…you are way more punk!!!! Rock on grllllllllll !!!!!!.
    Donna in SC

  3. joshua says:

    that’s cool. sounds like a great time. i loved those pics.

  4. WhyMommy says:

    I saw the news article about this — this was AWESOME!