Boogie Nights


I spoke too soon about my head cold. I have been breathing through my mouth since Saturday night. The congestion in my head feels like I have corks up my nose. And I have a sore throat. Possibly from all the mouth breathing. My attempts to relieve the congestion with steam and the sore throat with gargling were unsuccessful. As was the over the counter stuff. I decided to see the doctor today just in case. I got a prescription for antibiotics that may or may not help depending on whether this is a bacterial or viral infection. While I was there I asked a few questions. My sugar count was still very high even though I stopped eating “sugar”. It’s probaly safe to say I am diabetic. Which sucks. I am going to do a fasting blood test on Thursday to see what my count is.

I also lost another 2+ lbs. I am happy about that. I think the next step in this whole sugar thing is going to be completely abstaining from white flour as well. I am not complaining. My friend Kristine just got back from Florida. She was at a retreat where you learn to eat only raw food. It is way harder than it sounds. No meat, no sugar, no dairy, no soy, and little to no fruit. Veggies sprouts nuts and wheat grass. That is sacrifice. She is hoping that this change in diet will have a significant impact on her health, thereby preventing a recurrence of her cancer. I hope it works too. But that is not something I could see myself doing. The sugar thing is hard enough. I need to read every label. But this should at least impact my sugar levels at some point.

My only other issue is that due to chemo my nails are ripping off. It is really painful and gross. I have tried different nail hardeners. But it is not really a vitamin deficiency…maybe it is. This entry is going to garner so much response. Everyone’s going to tell me what to eat. Not a problem. Go ahead. I am listening. I have nothing else to do except read your comments. I have no life. But apparently some of you don’t either. Everything else seems good. My nausea is minimal once I get acupuncture. My fatigue lasts two days. And that’s about it. The big thing will be in March when I get re – scanned. A new MRI Petscan and Catscan will give us some clarity about my condition.
Today my in laws took the twins and Clay to the zoo. They bought a membership. Now I need to make plans to go the zoo on a regular basis. So Julie, Megan, my mommy friends, on any day over 50 degrees let’s go. I guess if my non mommy friends feel like going to the zoo you can call me too. On Wednesday my friend Kristine gets her car back. I am so sad. I am back to needing a ride everywhere. Back to Philly carshare. I need a car. If anyone out there knows someone or of a cheap car let me know. It should be in good shape. All my recent cars have needed constant maintenance and work. It was very hard to keep them on the road. The money from fund raisers have been going into the bank. I am trying not spend any of it. I will need to save up for a while so I can’t buy one today.

I am going to leave this off and go watch Project Runway season 4 with Bailey. Again. If you don’t watch you should. I hate television but this show is as addictive as crack.

10 Responses to “Boogie Nights”

  1. Mary Beth says:

    I was on Taxotere and that did a number on my nails and my fingertips. I am sorry to say that nothing I ate helped. They became less sore over time but they had to completely grow out to get stronger and better looking. Have you tried to take Kytril for nausea? It is pretty expensive but works for 12 hours. Your oncologist may be able to get you some samples. As far as the throat – I ended up getting thrush so I was on this stuff that I gargled and swallowed 2 times a day – it was better than the thrush though. My husband drank out of one of my glasses and he ended up getting thrush too! I hope that you feel better soon.

  2. shelley says:

    andrea, how cheap is cheap? i know someone trying to sell a ford taurus (or something similar) for about blue book (maybe $2,000) but if you tell me what you can afford, i will talk to her.

    any time for a visit on thursday?
    love you, Shelley.

  3. Andrea says:

    Shelley, chemo is Thursday. But are you supposed to bring food this week or another. I’ll check. Cheap…not sure. $2000 seems right. It will take us a few weeks to get the money together.

    Mary Beth I am doing a good well on the nausea front with emend. And I have a sore throat but totally not thrush. I know that is not uncommon. I have glands like golf balls in my throat.

  4. Aimee says:

    I’m so sorry I haven’t kept up with you via your blog- I haven’t been keeping up with mine either since I seem to be so consummed by life. We can’t live it through internet blogs, can we? 😉

    Anyway, I see you are having problems with high sugar. If you are taking Decadron along with your chemo (which is pretty likely), then that’s what’s causing the blood sugar problems. I had that too, and it slowly came down after chemo stopped. It’s still high, but I don’t take anything for it, and it’s really just moderate. But, I’ve gained a bunch of weight since the cancer because of the steroid and inactivity. Exercise, no matter how non-sweaty it is, helps. Even walking 30 minutes a day has shown (by research) a significant benefit for people with high sugar levels.

    I’m having a sore throat too. It’s hard to swallow and it’s so dry and scratchy that I feel like choking. 🙁

    I need to call you……you’ve been on my mind.

  5. Andrea says:

    Aimee, I am actually off all steroids. And I have really high sugars like in the 300’s. I have no idea what that means even. I have been losing weight and exercising several times a week. But your right every day would be better. Its hard here on the east coast cause the weather is so uncooperative. I miss you too. Call me anytime. Andrea

  6. Heather says:

    You know, Andrea, you really shlould try eating… WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT. Whatever is going to make you feel good or better at least. My husband is diabetic and the Dr said to look at labels for high fiber and try to lower carb intake. It’s all related to your body and how it processes everything. Fruit is high in natural sugar which we are alwatys told is good for us, then the Dr’s take that away when the sugar count is too high. UGH, we can’t win.
    So, I really hope your family is doing well. I’m glad to see you’re up and about, though the cold virus really sucks. I read your pages every day, almost. And I always keep you and your family in my thoughts.

  7. dina says:

    Feel better, doll. Owen’s got a double ear infection this week. His first. He whimpered all night Sunday into Monday-it was so sad! As for the crappy nails, it’s hard to combat what’s happening from the inside. You might try a product called “Bend, Don’t Break” which really holds up in water and has worked for me in the past. Do your docs have you on super duper vitamins right now? Prenatals might help. Just a thought.
    Sign us up for a zoo visit for sure. Owen’s only been to the Philly one once, but he liked it.
    Love you, Dina

  8. Julie says:

    Blech. Sorry you aren’t feeling well. This crazy weather we are having isn’t helping I’m sure.

    Marc took Dylan to the zoo yesterday (we have a membership too). We love it. Let me know when you want to go! I love the zoo (especially the monkeys!).

  9. joshua says:

    dude. another soul lost to project runway.

    sorry about your nails and head.

  10. Renee Khan says:

    Hi Andrea:

    I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and when I was on taxotere, here they have us put our fingers in a bowl of ice with a little hand towel so that our nails don’t fall out. While the taxotere is dripping in we sit with our hands in the ice. I had 22 treatments of taxotere and no nail problem.

    Take care and God Bless. I also go in March for scans. It is always frightening for me.