This is my week of tests. Most of them involve so much radioactive material that I feel certain that I will be getting my superpower any minute. I have had a bone scan, which revealed that there is no cancer in my bones. I have also had a muga scan. This is just to asses the quality of my heart, because they want to give me adriamycin. A chemo medicine that can effect the quality of your valves. So they are just making sure that I am healthy enough to poison me. Tomorrow they are giving me a portacath in my chest. This is so they can give me chemo without “sticking” me every time. So basically I am going to look like something out of the matrix. Thursday, I am getting a petscan and catscan. Both of these are done to determine the extent of my cancer. I f it has metasized beyond my breast and lymphnodes then it is called stage 4 and considered incureable. We are hoping for stage 3. I have been trying to not read alot of journal articles about my cancer. All of it is pretty doom and gloom. I am just trying to stay in the moment. We are really thankful for all the love and support we are getting. We appreciate the meals and prayers. Love you,Andrea

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