Meeting and Greeting

I think that one of the most overwhelming aspects of being Andrea’s friend is not the endless dishes, or cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner for 10 (Her 8 + my 2) at the drop of a dime, or the two, count ’em, TWO grocery carts full of groceries we shopped for and carted home from Trader Joe’s, or making the kids do their chores (and remembering who does what), the overwhelming part for me is that it’s really amazing how many people she knows.

She’ll often be talking to someone about someone, and turn to me to include me in the conversation and say “You know, so and so, they were at my wedding/birth/church/house/child’s birthday/dinner last night?” and I look at her blankly and think to myself, I can’t remember this morning, no less the face to go with the name she’s just said. Andrea then either tries to make me remember, or rolls her eyes and continues on with her conversation.

So I think it’s kinda funny that I’m organizing this big meeting for all of the people who know and love Andrea and the family, who are already helping, would like to get involved with helping, or would like to help more.

The meeting will be held at the New Life Presbyterian Church on East Roosevelt Blvd. The date and time is Saturday, April 12th from 1-4. You are all invited.

I am so grateful and amazed at all of the help everyone has already given with food and fund raisers and prayer and love. This meeting isn’t being held because there’s a lack of people helping and wanting to help. This meeting is being held to have people who want to help to do so more efficiently and not experience burn out in the future. Dr. Dan Gottlieb is helping me with a model he’s used for helping families in times of crisis.

We’re asking a few people to bring some snacks to share, as 3 hours is a long time to sit without food or drinks. If you’d like to help with this, email me at and let me know what you could bring.

We also need dinners on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. Could you email me up until the weekend of the meeting if you’d like to bring dinner? Mexican is a winner every time! Taco’s, burritos, enchilada’s, rice and beans, anything you can stuff in a tortilla is fine with them! We really need it delivered (or we’ll arrange to come get it) by 5:00 pm and not later. We try to get homework and dinner done early so that the rest of the evening is family time.

So do me a favor and put on a name tag at the meeting. I’ll forget your name and just call you “honey, sweetie, darlin’, come here” anyways, ’cause that’s just how my short term memory loss mind rolls, but I can at least make an effort at trying to remember your name.

So thanks for helping out….whats her name again…oh yeah! Andrea.

Love Naomi

P.S. The address and phone number for the church is

425 E Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA

(215) 324-4566

You can get directions to the church on Google.

8 Responses to “Meeting and Greeting”

  1. Donna Arnold says:

    Hi Naomi:
    I would love this idea, and it so rocks…….we would love to be a part of her “small army” but being several staes away, it is impossible for us to attaend.
    What I did want to offer up is that when my Cat was diagnosed January 2007 with Stage IV Breast Cancer with mets. to liver and bones, we were in “shell shock” to say the least. Hours of every day being spent going from doctor to doctor and to treatments were exhausting……so making a meal at day’s end was out of the question for us….most days she didn’t want to eat anyway, so co-workers came by, sat in our living room, and one person took charge. Folks signed up to bring meals, etc… lady took that list back to work and made an Excel spreadsheet…..these were made out for like 6 weeks ahead….so that worked great for us…..just a suggestion…all we had to do was look at it to see whom was bringing what and when. That really saved me….I was in no mood to cook, and I did manage our 4 dachshunds, but that was it…and many days we didn’t know if we were coming or going….so meals were a huge help for us…
    I know friends, family, and “strangers” who have come to love her and know her will turn out in numbers….and that will be awesome…you have specific days and numbers to prepare for…so that is a great start….
    We have come to know her and to love her as well……she is amazing!!!!! Her family is so awe inspiring to many…they all just rally around and do what needs to be done….I admire the job she has done in raising them all……way to go, Andrea….
    As usual, I am just rambling on….hope I was able to offer up a good suggestion for this plan…..have a great day….hugs to all who help her and the family!!!! I love you, Andrea……Donna & Cathy

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Naomi! It’s whats-her-name from last night 🙂 Count me in love!

  3. Mary Beth says:

    Hi Naomi,
    I have been so touched and humbled by Andrea’s story and would love to help in some way. Is there an address where I can send a check to help the people who are making meals for them? If not, I can order something online and have it sent to them so all they have to do is heat it up. Let me know when you have a chance.
    Mary Beth

  4. joshua says:

    Andrea I’m so sorry that I will be out of town until that Sat night! I’ll have to catch up the old fashioned way, I know it’s annoying for you guys, though.

  5. Jennifer North says:

    I will be babysitting for my sister in North Jersey on Saturday…so I can’t come. I would be happy to help with writing the “make a wish” story for a family vacation. Call me…

  6. Kristine says:

    Bummer, I wil be out of town that weekend. However if I can help by signing up for a dinner at the end of April let me know.


  7. Jim says:

    Hey Naomi –

    I’m in the same boat as Mary Beth , – Buffalo NY too far to commute but want to help. Just tell me what, when and where and it will be done!!

  8. Dina says:

    Of course we have a surprise party that day at the exact same freakin time. It figures. Naomi- you are pretty amazing. It was great seeing you guys on the video this morning. Owen asked to watch the whole thing uninterrupted after dinner tonight, so we did. I figured I’d review it for language and possible show it to my class on laptop day tomorrow. Then came the F-bomb. Just the one , I think. Oh well. I am thinking I may show just a little, as I think they would love to see the family in action. Clay’s dancing makes me smile!
    xo Dina