Got Help?


Hey y’all, (I can say that ’cause I really am from the South!)

I know that a lot of people won’t be able to come to the meeting and that’s good, ’cause now we don’t have to feed y’all, but we still want to know what you’re available to help with. Just a few things that come right to mind….

I’ve set up an email account for people to send their offers of help with dinners, appointments, etc. It’s Please send an email there with your name, what you’d like to help with, and a phone # if you can be reached by phone. This account will be accessed by Andrea, myself, and anyone else who regularly helps with the family and scheduling.

*Leelee, the family’s wonder dog, needs love! In the form of regular baths and romps at the dog park…. is there a dog lover in the crowd? Anyone with a friend with a pet grooming business?

*Dinner needed by 5:00 on Thursday, April 17 & April 24 and Saturday, April 26. That would fill the calendar for April. If you’re available for May, we need dinners on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays by 5:00, and the schedule is wide open so pick your date quick!

*Trader Joe’s is where pretty much all the groceries come from. It’s way less expensive for her to shop there for her family, and she feels like she’s feeding them a better quality of food. If you know Andrea (or if you don’t) family meals and what the kids eat is very important to her. Trader Joe’s gift cards will always get used, and if you shop there you can leave one for her there at the main desk. Just tell them it’s for Andrea Collins-Smith, and they’ll give them to her the next time she shops. If you want to, you can call them @ , purchase a gift card, and tell them to keep it at the main desk for her. No amount is too little, ’cause every little bit helps. Yum Yum!

*Babysitting Fund– We’ve got an awesome girl helping out 3 days a week at Andrea’s house. Her name is Erin Cloud, (she’s throwing the Fiesta for a Cause Benefit on Sunday, April 13th) and she’s with Andrea and the baby all day on Monday and Wednesday’s while Kelly works, and is helping out with light house keeping/babysitting if needed on Thursdays.

She’s learning which kids do which chores, how to make dinner for 8 people (while 5 of them talk to you non stop), change poopy diapers and take Clay on outings, so Andrea doesn’t have to do so much while she’s sick. If you’d like to donate once or on a regular basis to help with this, please email us ASAP.

So… please email us at and we’ll get right back to you!

Thanks again y’all,


3 Responses to “Got Help?”

  1. Toni G says:

    Shep and I will be home for summer on May 5th……..I will be in touch with you after that to determine ‘where’ and ‘when’ I fit in. This separate email address is a great idea. Good luck

  2. Toni G says:

    Naomi……….is this address simply an email address or is it also a website? can we keep track of comments, ideas etc in one central spot? I’m not too adept at computer-ing so don’t always know protocol necessary.

  3. ruthie says:

    you rock.