Please come to the Meeting*



Saturday April 12th

from 1-4

at New Life Presbyterian Church

425 E. Roosesvelt Blvd. (215-324-4566)

Child care, snacks and drinks provided!

Dr. Dan Gottlieb is going to help me facilitate, and we’re hoping to have several things come out of this meeting.

1. The first being that we all get to meet each other. Every person Andrea has ever introduced me to has been lovely and kind. I really look forward to meeting y’all.

2. The second is breaking down all aspects of helping out into small manageable tasks. We all have busy and sometimes overwhelming lives of our own, and feel bad that we can’t make and deliver dinner for 8 on a week night. That’s okay. What we want is what you can do easily and joyfully to help. There are many different ways to help, and we want you to sign up for something that you’d enjoy.

(If you can’t make the meeting, you can still contact me and I’ll email you directly.)

3. To break up into small “committee’s” that will address different area’s of helping.

From people who would volunteer to help Baily start a scrapbook for herself and Clay, to people who would like to raise/donate $ to the babysitting fund, to people who could help get the Education Fund for the kids set up, to entering and helping to keep track of all the data for people who want to help.

And that’s it. Thanks to everyone who’s helping me to get this organized, and to everyone who can’t make it but contributed in other ways. Your help is invaluable.



*I blogged about this last week, and haven’t had enough time to call all the people on my list, but in case you missed it, we’re having a large organizing meeting for all the people who help or want to help out Andrea and the family.

2 Responses to “Please come to the Meeting*”

  1. julie says:

    Naomi I ve been up all night with dylan and he has a crazy fever. we wont be able to attend but i will try to stop by with the soup.

  2. jenni bender says:

    naomi… can you let me know your email address ?