Sugar Coated


Some of my days just start early with visits and appointments. I am the hardest working woman in the cancer business. I am well on my way to highly paid motivational speaker. Today was the first day I had off from chemo. Yeah 7 days without Xeloda. So far my symptoms are minimal. I mentioned before that that could change on a dime so I have to keep my eye out for some nasty side effects. So far so good. I had the pleasure of Megan’s company today along with baby Ian. We spent a lot of time discussing my parenting stories and philosophy. We are toying with the idea of a memoir. I told stories that I had nearly forgotten. She remembered things I hadn’t. We also just chatted which was sweet.

Erin came to care for Clay. She and her friend( also Erin) took him and another little boy to a big nature trail and creek. She said Clay threw rocks in the muddy water for a long time. But his hands were covered in dirt and before she could stop him he put them in his mouth. Clay sucks the middle and ring finger. Anyway, he squashed up his face and tried to spit all the dirt out of his mouth but his frustration led him to redeposit the fingers into his mouth. Which of course made him upset by the dirt and nasty taste again. All of this occurred in like 5 seconds. Erin rescued him and cleaned up his hands so he could comfort himself from the ordeal. Not so sweet.

My old friend Shareen dropped off food. She brought lasagna, salad,chili, chips and cookies) This is too much food Shareen! I said. Well you have all those boys. Besides its for 2 nights. Indeed it will feed us twice. We took our time talking about our children and faith. Megan had left and we were alone. It was very nice to catch up. It is nice to rediscover why you like people. Today was like that. I talked about my cancer. How it has changed me. And how it has been interesting to see my faith in action. So much of my life as a Christian I assumed that I would take comfort in God’s plan or His words. But now I know what my faith is made of. Cancer sort of separates the men from the boys. I get sad. It digs in deep. But God comforts me. I pray. I trust. I wait on the Lord. I am so tough, right?

Shareen left to take care of a million other things. And Gina came to get me. Today was my first visit with my new primary care doctor. My appointment was for 2pm. At 3pm they took me back(with Gina) and we soon met with Dr. Mao. I had to pee in a cup and get my finger stuck( my sugar was 392. It is supposed to be 80-120). Yes I have type 2 diabetes. I was prescribed insulin( and needles, a glucometer, strips to test my blood the works) as well as an oral medication. Now I brought Gina because her niece has type 1 and she knows a little bit about doing the injections. But as nice as this doc was he explained Nothing to me. I mean I was scared to leave there with all the Rx’s and no real information. Not even a pamphlet. Thankfully, my pharmacist made time for me. And Gina stayed until late to do the injection for me. As well as teaching me how. I will be honest I thought it hurt. I really do not want to ever do this to myself. I don’t like needles. I know you are thinking Andrea you have all those tattoos. I like tattoos not needles. I don’t get a tattoo after I get stuck with this little needle.

I will attend a class on diabetic nutrition and excercise. I can’t wait( sarcasm). I mean with everything I have going on…this is absurd. I am hoping that it proves worth it. My muscle weakness has continued and I find it difficult to even climb steps. I have a hard time walking even a few blocks. I also have other diabetic symptoms that make my life difficult. So it is totally worth it to me to get my sugar under control. If only my inner mom could convince my sugar to “come down from there!”

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  1. Donna Arnold says:

    Hi Sweet Andrea:
    See, I told you that you are sweet!!!! Now we know just how sweet you are…chuckle…chuckle…
    We are thinking of you and lift you up in prayers every day….
    Thanks so much for sharing all of yourself with us so intimately….like a broken record, all I can say is this…YOU are such an inspiration to so many….you touch hearts, souls, and minds…in ways you can’t imagine. You heal so many hearts with your insights, your wisdom, and your courage…continue to do what feels right for you to share with us, and know I am a better person having “met” you thru this blog….and if not for a newspaper write up, I wouldn’t have known about you at all…
    I am rambling most likely…I am tired…lol…..hugs and I love you, woman!!!! Donna in SC

  2. Julie says:

    Are they sub-q needles? They shouldn’t hurt. I wonder if you are just sensitive because of everything else you are going through.

    Try icing the area before you give the injection. That’s what I would do when I had to inject a med that hurt.

    Love you!

  3. Pamela says:

    They make “mini” sub Q needles that you can barely feel, might cost more. I am a nurse and have tried them to demonstrate to kids. I am also a huge wimp, and they weren’t bad. Sorry that they don’t leave a cool mini tatoo behind! Maybe I’ll get to work designing one for you! How did your meeting go? Did you get lots of help lined up? Consider me on your intercessory prayer team! Sending lots of love, prayers, and easy injection wishes,

  4. Andrea says:

    Pamela, So they are the min sub q needles. I still think they hurt. Julie, I do think part of it is due to my constant medical pain/touch that I deal with. You just can’t stand the smell of alcohol wipes. Anyway, Tamara is a nurse and she is going to come over and work with me and Kelly until I feel confidant. Thanks for all the help everyone.

  5. Patricia Webster says:

    Andrea, I am a diabetic and “shoot up” twice a day. It hurts less if you insert the needle in your belly …. under the belly button…. I hardly feel it go in any more. You get used to it real quick. I also take oral medication as well.

    If you watch your diet take your meds on schedule you should lower your number within a month. I finally got mine down to about 135..when I first got diagnosed it was about the same as your high 300’s. I’d had it for 8 years now. And it still sucks

    Still praying for you every day.

  6. Andrea says:

    I had Tamara do it in my abdomen and didn’t hurt. But that needle stick in the finger hurt. I guess you get used to it.

  7. Dina says:

    Hey doll. My friend Caryn tests her forearm with that damn meter because she hates the feeling of pricking the finger. It pulsates, doesn’t it?She gets some little bruises, but she says it hurts a lot less. There is a numbing cream called Emla (I think) that is used to numb areas of skin before electrolysis treatments…I wonder if that could help you? It is applied and then you put plastic wrap over it for like 15 minutes. Just a thought. Much love, Dina.

  8. Heather says:

    Andrea, I do know you are probably sick of advice and I will not give you any at all. Just a little heads up. There may be a nutrition class geared towards cancer patients instead of the typical diabetic nutrition class. I had to go to the nutrition classes for my husband because I do all the shopping, so I had to be the one to learn about labels and portions and find out that pease are a starch and not in the veggie family. I was broken hearted to say the least. lol
    My husbands first test before going to the Dr was 418, and he was peeing sugar crystals. I know it sounds gross, but I figured maybe if someone else shared some not so pleasant part of their situation with you, you may not feel as public. I know it doesn’t do much, but one day, I’ll tell you all about our embarrassing and stupid stuff we’ve done. Boy do we have some doozies. lol
    I only wish to have your grace and acceptance when it comes time for me to face something tough. I think about you and your family daily and once we’re moved, you can bet your SWEET patootie we’ll be having a few benefits for you down here in Florida!
    Big gentle hugs!

  9. Julie says:

    I’m glad she will be able to help you find a way to get it done. I believe (someone correct me if I’m wrong) that there are no nerves right below your belly button which is why it’s easier to do injections there.

    My Dad was a diabetic and he said he never could get used to the finger prick. He’d jump every time. Hopefully they’ll come up with a pain free way of doing it soon.