Live Wrong


wrong (rông, rng)

1. Not in conformity.
2. Not fitting or suitable for “normal” people; inappropriate or improper for some.
3. Not in accord with established usage, method, or procedure.
4. Unacceptable or undesirable according to social convention.
5. Demonstrably better than “right”.

Stay strong. Live wrong.

I was thinking about those little yellow Lance Armstrong bracelets, and how silly they are to me. Pink ribbons and rubber bracelets. I guess they raise money but I doubt in their ability to raise awareness. They are so commonplace that they are invisible. I think to make something significant you need to notice it. I am not a ribbon or plastic I am a person with a loud voice and I want you to hear me. Do not let any of your friends,wives,sisters,whoever ignore the symptoms of my disease. Be loud and make them go to a doctor. I waited for 6 months with these signs that something was wrong. And I did not believe I had breast cancer. Do not be quiet or silent with your health or anyone else’s. You are not a ribbon or a bracelet. Use your voice. Together let’s scream and let people know you do not have to have a lump to have breast cancer. Stay Strong Live Wrong!

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