Hi everyone! Alec here with a quick little update. A bunch of people wanted to know my address at my college, so they can send me letters and what not.

I live at…


Send me letters if you want to…but be forewarned, I’m not very good at replying back
Much love to you All

10 Responses to “College”

  1. Tess Collins says:

    I was just wondering how it’s been with the school sitch.

  2. Marti says:

    What college?

  3. Renee Khan says:

    Hey Alec:

    Woot Woot.

    Good luck at college and I wish you nothing but success.

    Thanks for the address and you never know when you will get a card from Manitoba, Canada.

    Love Renee

  4. Amber says:

    Hey Alec:
    you don’t know me… im a new poster, haha but I have a big box of punk rock randomness being sent to your house at the end of August… so If I can remember, Ill pull out all your stuff and send it to you directly at school… have a great time!

    i miss college 🙂
    which reminds me…
    be good… haha


  5. Michelle Wienke says:

    Welcome to college life!! By now you may have unpacked and are wondering “what now”??? lol You are so fortunate to be able to attend this awesome college and learn some of what life has to offer you-remember a few things:
    -it is all about “opening up your mind” to things that are new and different
    -many of the friends you make will be friends for life
    -life can take you as far as you want to go, once you have this degree
    -no one can take learning away from you-EVER
    -your mom is with you, watching over you each and every day!

    As someone of advanced years (46!!) who is in my senior year at Niagara University, working full time and raising two kids as a single mom, I can tell you that college is life changing and wonderful! It will be challenging, you may want to quit, but you cannot do anything more important to ensure that your future will be successful and financially sound. Take each day as it comes, break big projects down into small manageable pieces, study hard and do more than they ask for- you will be GREAT!!!

    I am always just an email away for more great (!!) advice!! Feel free to email any time!


  6. Angela says:


    I know you don’t know me, but I’ve been a devoted reader to your wonderful family’s blog. I’m a college junior in St. Louis, MO and just wanted to wish you the best of luck!! I know you will enjoy it and do great! Please feel free to email me anytime, I was in your boat only 2 years ago, so I know the transition can be tough. I keep your family in my prayers everyday, God bless you!


  7. Brian says:

    Hi Alec!

    Like Angela just said, I was in your boat once too. I guess the main differance was I still lived at home in SF, CA. The transition from high school to collage can be somewhat overwhelming for some, but need not be so for you. I think your first semester/year will belong to the learning curve. It’s pretty cool to have classes spaced apart and have time in between. I kinda forgot to study in between classes! hmmm…

    But I know you will do well Alec. Hey, thanks for your new address too. I’m trying to thin out some stuff here so you will be receiving a ‘care package’ of odds and ends that You and your new buds might be able to use. No computer stuff, but Like I need five staplers? Post it notes? Paper tablets? Toenail clippers? Thank you cards? (Have a ton of those my mom sent. I just call her and thank her for the cards).

    What? You want me to bake cookies? If I did I highly doubt they would ever reach my mailperson to send. ;-)…but I’ll give that a shot too.

    Alec, when you get a chance shoot me an email @quietcabin/yahoo and give me emails for your bro’s and sis. Kel too. Somehow I’ve lost the emails from Jes, the twins and Bailey. (hopefully not the hard to reach things I don’t understand being too ole a guy here as in some kind of my space stuff). The only ‘my space’ stuff I understand is in my apartment or the garage! Well, the fishing gear in My Boat is an exception. That I know.

    Hopefully we’ll meet again the week of/after Clay’s birthday.

    Enjoy your new adventure!

    One thing I do want you to remember and think about:

    Never forget comic relief is in order. Helps one get thru the day. I know how to cry and I know how to laugh. Sometimes the blending of the two seem confusing, but for a reason I think. When all is said and done, I wake up smiling and begin a new day knowing there was a reason for all that happened the days before this one. I’m not saying I understand the reason…just that there was one.

    What I do know is that when my brother died and your mother died the things they left us were much the same. Teachings and lessons. Spoken and unspoken.

    So always remember what she taught you and lessons learned.

    Much Love to you Alec,

    Grandpa B

  8. Christine says:

    You don’t know me but I have been reading your family’s blog for quite a while. I live in Rochester, NY and work at the University of Rochester. Please feel free to send me an email if you need help with anything while here in Rochester. Enjoy your new experiences.


  9. Kristie says:

    Hi Alec. Kristie and Steve Matt here. Just wanted to wish you luck and success in your college career. We think of you and your siblings often. Prioritize studying AND fun! I know you’ll kick ass. Love, The Matts

  10. Jane Watkins says:

    Dear Kelly,
    I am so sorry to hear of Andrea Collins-Smith death. I have been following your guys’ website for some time, and it has heartened me throughout my husband’s decline. My heart goes out to you and your children for your loss of such a dear loved one. My husband died of cancer on July 10, 2008, a few days after Andrea. I would like to share a nice thing that happened to me the day of the Phillies parade that made me feel a little better and may do the same for you. I took the train into Philly and found a good place on the parade route next to a nice black man. We started chatting, and wnen he mentioned his wife worked across the street, I told him that my husband had just died. I showed him a photo of Arch, and the gentleman, seeing my misty eyes, said: “He has not left you. He is right here.” And then, he thumped upon his heart. During the entire parade, his words echoed within me, and they have given me comfort since. Andrea has not left you, she is right there in your heart, as she always was.
    Love, Jane Watkins