Hello Goodbye


No more hair!!! I have some serious bald spots on top. Stubble all the way around. I actually like it. I may still lose more but it won’t be as upsetting. Jon O took photos of course. And he has a bunch to post. He also forced me to do a monologue for the photos on flickr. I wanted someone else to do it. My voice is so not that cute. But I did it anyway.

Jesse emailed today from Spain. He said he took off on his own to the beach. He loves Spain and said that he wished I was there. Me too! It’s interesting because I wanted to bring him to Mexico. I thought he would love it. Now he wants me to go to Spain. Its beautiful. I also spoke to Bailey. She swam all day and went to the movies. She is having a lovely day.

I felt tired all day due to lack of sleep.But I wasn’t sick at all. Headache -y. I am going to bed. It has been a really long day. Thank you all for your comments. They make me happy. And thanks to Shelley Crognale for an awesome dinner. And a sweet goodbye to Rebbecca Six. You were so helpful in planning all those meals. You rock. Come back to Philly soon. Andrea

5 Responses to “Hello Goodbye”

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    leah says:

    you are beautiful no matter what!

  2. Siobhan says:

    ahhh, you sound good. that brightens my day. it was so nice to see you tuesday. whenever you’re up for it i’d love to come by again. maybe this time we can have a chance to chat! lovelovelove.

  3. jenni bender says:

    best news i’ve heard all day, you feeling well!!! i’ll tell ya, you are amazing. i love you a ton and whenever you want some company or need anything, say the word! xoxoxoo

  4. Bio says:

    Regarding your hair loss…I was talking with my mom on the phone two nights ago (I read to her the things you and Kel say here because she can’t access them online.) I asked her if she would like to comment “online” and she said Yes! To quote:

    “Andrea, it’s not too bad being with little hair. I’ve been there for years, but then I’m not young and sexy. This is not to say that I am minimizing your situation, but you need to chuckle once in a while. Love you very much, Wilma.”

    It was really sweet hearing her tell me what to write to you. She cares so deeply for You, Kel and your family. She’s not alone~Much Love and support here too…

    Too fun hearing about Jesse and Baily. I’m sure they will have much to tell you upon their return.

    Be well.

    Love, Bio

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    My friend Bessanne ( goes to your church), emailed regarding your cancer and I’ve been praying for you. I’m in CA and I have my second breat cancer, so I do understand. I have the Her-2 gene. Still in treatment, this all start last Sept. Just lost implant cause of radation 13yrs ago. I’m healing, hopefully we can try again. It’s God grace what happens to me and you!

    Moving to MI soon, when I can I plan to see Pittsburg and hopefully meet you, see Bessanne, God Bless you and stay postive!