Who’s that man behind the curtain?

Jon and Andrea

Hi…I’m Jonathan Olshefski aka Jon-O….The above photo is courtesy of Tucker Collins…he can tell you how hard it is to get a sharp focus when shooting stopped all the way open in low-light situations…but that’s me and Andrea…it’s funny after talking to Andrea about the Chemo photos and how she doesn’t like the shirt she’s wearing and to see me wearing a “got game?” t-shirt….I don’t think of myself as a guy who wears stuff like that, but I do….alot….I just looked down and I’m actually wearing the same shirt right now..haha..so me and my cheesy shirt are just gonna tip toe out of this photo and get the camera back from Tucker….

Ummmm. Usually I just post on here to inform you guys of new photos, but awhile ago Andrea asked me to post as well and to explain why I am participating in this “project”. As I was preparing the last batch of photos for flickr (which i’ll explain in a moment) I was just overwhelmed by the amount I love this family…we have so much fun together…Andrea and I also have a similar sense of humor….we enjoy the irony…she says this is “our project, but it’s her cancer”….

Anyway….my deal….I just want to tell stories and I want to be around people and connect to people while they are living their lives….documenting allows me to do that….I’ve gotten to meet so many types of people and experience so many different types of things because I can press a button that lets light into a dark box….it’s the easiest thing….press a button. pull a lever, move a little, press a button, pull a level…..anyway, I started hanging out with recovering addicts in the summer or 2005 and photography was my gateway in, it has changed my life….for more go here: whispersinthestorm.com

…so, when I heard that Andrea was sick I felt this urgency to document her and record her..because she is so fabulous….and like alot of you I just wanted to be around her…..so I asked if we could do this project together….it has been amazing…..I just love being around and it feels good that Andrea is enjoying the process and it actually has turned into such a positive thing….thanks to all of you….and for me personally it is a great comfort…..when I am around the family I am so happy….it’s when I’m away that heaviness sets in….I hope that this can be a comfort and an encouragement to all of you…..it’s hard, but the feeling that we are not alone is so incredible….there are times when we’ve been hanging out that I’ve been shaking, knots twisting in my stomach…..but that discomfort is something I am sharing with people I really care about and in that sense it is so good…this crappy situation….this “cancer swindle” is binding people together…there’s something bigger than us going on and I can feel it and I can feel it through the laughter and the tears…..if you can sense God somewhere then chase after it….I sense God with this family…..it’s as simple as that….it is an honor to share these moments with Andrea and Kelly and my younger friends who happen to be their kids….I count it as such a privilege and I am so thankful for the trust and encouragement that I have received….so…that’s why I am doing this…..I want to share with my friends….and I happen to like pressing buttons….

Peace to you all…..we are in this together…..if I could sum up this experience, this blog, everything… in one word (and this word is for all of you) that word is: “together”


ps I added some more fun family images… new photos! ..and I pulled stuff up from the archive….punk show at CBGBs and Wedding photos….I’d elaborate more, but I feel like I’m talking too much right now….the punk show was in 2004! I can’t believe it was that long ago….ok, I’m done

3 Responses to “Who’s that man behind the curtain?”

  1. the other naomi says:

    thank you for writing and for all of the photo journey you’re allowing all of us to participate in, it’s especially dear to me to be able to see photos of andrea as the chemo changes how she looks. it’s so hard to be so far away, but you help to bring me closer everytime i check in and there are new photo’s. what you’re doing is so important for the family, but very very very special for all of us who aren’t there day to day. we’re so very blessed by your gift.
    naomi sunshine

  2. Andrea says:

    Oh Na! As sensitive as you are its a miracle you can get through the day. I love you so so much. I know that you think of me all the time and are praying vigilantly. I am so eternally blessed to have such a loving friend. You are my sister. Take care of my boys okay?

  3. Mervat says:

    Your writing touched my heart. You are a talented photographer and communicator. Thank you.