Who ever thought that I would be going to Spain? Definitely not me. I had never even been on an airplane. It was something that I thought would happen, but not for at a few years. Then about four or five weeks after I found out I was going to Spain, my mom was told she had cancer. I wasn’t thinking about Spain. I wanted my mom to be healthy and happy. But I realised that you have to take the good with the bad. Even if it seems like going on an airplane and seeing Spain for the first time doesn’t seem like a fair trade for your mom having cancer. Haha. I love my mom so very much. And it makes me happy that she has sooooo many people that love her, and care for her. Thank you everybody that has helped, still help, continue to help. I love you all.

10 Responses to “Spain”

  1. Siobhan says:

    Jesse, we’re glad you’re back safe and sound. And those people who love and care for your mom love and care for you as well. Know that you have so many people around willing to do whatever they can for you guys and don’t be afraid to ask for help or an open ear when you need it. Be blessed.

  2. Andrea says:

    Jesse’s not back yet! He wrote that from Spain. I am crying! Thank you Jess for participating in this. I was really happy that you had the opportunity to go to Spain and I am all about you having an adventure. Love Mom

  3. jahna and shayna says:

    It is so great to hear from you! We hope ypu are having a great timeand can’t wait to see you when you come back!

  4. Rob says:

    Did you get any good Spanish chocolate? Oh, man, sometimes I lie awake at night dreaming of cafe con leche and dark chocolate with rosemary or ginger. And tapas. Pleasepleaseplease tell me you had good tapas!

    Make sure you ask to see the captain on the flight home. Tell them it’s your first flight, sit right down in the captain’s chair, and get a picture of yourself flying the plane. I’m sure that Homeland Security will find it all very amusing. If you stop in Cuba on the way home, remember to ask them not to stamp your passport. You’re too young for Guantanamo.

    I can’t wait to see you and to hear all about your trip. I love you and miss you!


  5. Holly says:

    i hope you eat some chocolate and churros…ask someone to find you some before you leave and DRINK and EAT it up for me! that was my favorite spanish dessert…if you don’t get a chance to have that there, let me know and we can have a chocolate and churros night here when you get back (i bought the chocolate to make the drink). i also love that you can have a glass of wine for 1 euro–but i won’t recommend you do that.

  6. Brooke says:

    Hey, Jesse! Just wanted to say, “Hi!” Looking forward to seeing you around and hearing about your trip. I’m glad you got to experience Spain and flying!!!, although I’m sure it was pretty hard to be away from your mom and family during this time. I’m proud of you for being able to express your feelings the way you did in the blog. Come safely home to us!

  7. Jesse says:

    Hey. Thanks everybody. Yes, I had chocolate and churros about three times. And it was amazing. The generic icecream there is soooooo much better than even some of the fancy stuff we get in the states.I’m in the London airport now. Our flight yesterday was cancelled, so I’ll be home very very very soon.

  8. Julia George says:

    Yo dude. So you went out of the Country! Was it toally awesome? I only ever went to Iceland and yes, it was freaking awesome.

    I want to call you guys but I know it can be crazy sometimes. You know we love ya and you are always welcome!

    Julia, Violet, Aden and Ryan!

  9. Robin Nahama says:

    Dear Alec, Jesse, Asa, Tucker, Bailey, Clay & Kelly,
    Aliza called me from the candy shop yesterday to let me know your Mom (&wife) had passed. We are so sad for you and pray you will hold on tight to the wonderful memories that you all have of her. Aliza & I agreed we were so fortunate to have met her and all the stories and comments I have been reading make a lot of sense. It was clear from the moment your Mom walked in the shop what a special woman she was and how she lit up the room. We love you all very much and if there is ANYTHING we can do- just ask. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Asa- you have my cell phone #- use it (or anyone in the family) should you need to talk. All of our love, Robin & Aliza

  10. Jeannie says:

    Jesse, My god you amaze me! You always have from the 1st time I met you! Always such a little man… now so much more grown up in so many ways. It has only been a couple years (2-3) since I have seen you guys and you all have evolved decades! My heart is breaking for you guys, I am so sorry you all have had to go through this. I wish I would have know, I wish I wouldn’t have lost touch with sooo many people that I have lost touch with after I moved to NJ. This is a lesson to me Jesse, I hope Iam able to rekindle some friendships that I have let fade over the years & I truely hope to get back in touch with you all!!! I miss you all!!!
    ~Jeannie (267-312-6094 cell)