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Common virus kills cancer cells
Sunday, July 08, 2007 – 04:58 PM
By: 680News staff
Washington – A common virus that is harmless to people can destroy cancerous cells in the body and might be developed into a new cancer therapy, US researchers said.
The virus, called adeno-associated virus type 2, or AAV-2, infects an estimated 80 percent of the population.
“Our results suggest that adeno-associated virus type 2, which infects the majority of the population but has no known ill effects, kills multiple types of cancer cells yet has no effect on healthy cells,” said Craig Meyers, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the Penn State College of Medicine in Pennsylvania.
“We believe that AAV-2 recognizes that the cancer cells are abnormal and destroys them. This suggests that AAV-2 has great potential to be developed as an anti-cancer agent,” Meyers said in a statement.
He said at a meeting of the American Society for Virology that studies have shown women infected with AAV-2 who are also infected with a cancer-causing wart virus called HPV develop cervical cancer less frequently than uninfected women do.
AAV-2 is a small virus that cannot replicate itself without the help of another virus.
But with the help of a second virus it kills cells.
For their study, Meyers and colleagues first infected a batch of human cells with HPV, some strains of which cause cervical cancer. They then infected these cells and normal cells with AAV-2.
After six days, all the HPV-infected cells died.
The same thing happened with cervical, breast, prostate and squamous cell tumor cells.
All are cancers of the epithelial cells, which include skin cells and other cells that line the insides and outsides of organs.
“One of the most compelling findings is that AAV-2 appears to have no pathologic effects on healthy cells,” Meyers said.
“So many cancer therapies are as poisonous to healthy cells as they are to cancer cells. A therapy that is able to distinguish between healthy and cancer cells could be less difficult to endure for those with cancer.”
AAV-2 is being studied intensively as a gene therapy vector — a virus modified to carry disease-correcting genes into the body.
Gene therapy researchers favor it because it does not seem to cause disease or immune system reactions on its own.

Andrea Here: I found this of interest. thought you might take a minute to look it over. Interesting given I mentioned not long ago that I really thought future generations would be shocked by the brutality of chemotherapy. Gene research is the future for cancer. Maybe when my friends are old it will be a thing of the past and everyone can live even longer. This is big news even if it takes 30 or 40 years to put into practice. I may not be around to see its benefit but many of you will. As well as my children and their children. That’s exciting.

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  1. jenni says:

    this is very interesting. i’m glad you posted it. i mean, obviously i find it interesting because I have HPV and keep getting tests and surgeries on my cervix, but considering like 80% of the population has and will have that, i find it extra interesting. it seems (from my perspective) that chemo is such a harsh experience. i’m glad to know people are actually working on other things.

    either way. i love you.

  2. Siobhan says:

    Ethan was part of a drug study for a cancer treatment that is supposed to only attack cancer cells and not healthy ones. i’m not sure how much info that actually gave him on it when he went in but i wonder if this is it… (it’s been a few months and so far he’s had no crazy side effects)

  3. Heather says:

    I also read on a flier I got from my annual NFC donation info that they also have developed a virus that kills cancer cells. I hope you can look into it further and possibly get into the expirimental testing, if that’s something you guys are willing to do. I’ll try to look up more info for it in the next day or so and email it to you. Hope is the best thing you can have right now, second only to family of course.
    BTW, getting things together for your fundraiser, coming along a little slow, but it’s gathering speed.
    Keeping you guys in my thoughts!
    Sinner Ella!

  4. Wendy says:

    Very interesting. I also have HPV. I would love to wipe those cells out! Thanks for sharing. Go Science Go!