Bad Medicine


WOW! What a cool church sign!

We had an interesting chemo day. Rob and Jesse came with me and I woke up @ 5am too excited to sleep, like Bailey before her birthday. After sucking down some dunkin donuts too sweet coffee and recovering from a brief diabetic shock we were on our way. We brought games. And snacks. It was an outing.

We first saw Ingrid and she was lovely as ever and tan. She said that the tumor in my neck at the clavicle was barely noticeable. My left breast is much softer and less swollen and I have no noticeable swelling under my arm.Which is all proof that your prayers are working miracles. Praise God He is so good to me.

She needed to start me on Lupron. This is going to chemically “shut down” my ovaries to stop estrogen production in my body. My cancer is fueled by hormones and that is a bad thing. After getting 5 bags of medicine and misc. fluids( and peeing like 10 times) Michelle (blond nurse) took me in the bathroom and gave me a huge needle in my bum full of Lupron. This is part of the new regimen. I’m so thrilled. It has a long list of side effects that include hot flashes! Nausea!Migraines! And a long list of standard effects of menopause. Three months ago I was breast feeding Clay and burning tons of calories. Now I am on a steroid for nausea and a medicine that has thrust me unnaturally into menopause at 37. My body is actually gaining weight even though I eat a lot less than I used to. So much for the number 1 slot on my “Why its good that I got cancer” list. Phooey!

I did get a really relaxing shiatsu massage by Wayne and I also had an unexpected visit from Kristine my chemo buddy and her beautiful mom. (refer to chemo pics by Jon O she is wearing a scarf) Anyway she is finally done her chemo treatment for cancer of the soft tissue around the heart. She is now awaiting open heart surgery. If memory serves she is planning on doing some extensive traveling prior to her surgery. She looked great and was in really high spirits( no wonder)!

While we were laughing and talking it struck me that she is also 37 . And later when I got up I looked around and saw many young people sitting in the chairs. Many people in their 30’s and 40’s. And that really was a shock to me. I don’t want to be an alarmist I know cancer effects young people far less often. I just think it is scary since most of my friends do not go to the doctor on a regular basis and some do not even have healthcare. That worries me. We live in a rich nation full of uninsured people. Crazy. I won’t rant. I will let Rob do a nice politically correct response instead.

So physically I feel the worst I ever have. When I got home I felt exhausted but was unable to sleep at all. The chemo makes me feel like I am high as a kite but I am expected to remember important information about my medicine and upcoming tests. My eyes were/are sensitive to light. My head was pounding. And I felt like I was walking in mud. I got home and asked the kids to do chores but summer laziness had set in and it was really challenging. After six times I gave up and did them myself. I felt so sick,tired,and angry. Alec went off to his room after I yelled at him and Alys insisted on finishing them after finally getting Clay off to sleep. I have been awake since 4am and it is now 5:20am. Kelly was up all night so I will be on baby duty until at least his first nap. I am not looking forward to it. Right now I want to cry my eyes out because I am just so tired and overwhelmed. But tomorrow may be a better day. Wish me luck.Much love Andrea

7 Responses to “Bad Medicine”

  1. Andrea says:

    Its 6:30 Clay is sleeping and so is Andrea. I’m wide awake and plan to take good care of both of them ( If they will let me ). I hope that will lessen one of your fears. I got home late last night after a long day of waiting and then doing several tattoos in a row ( 4 more stars…Yes!). Sometimes I don’t get the full picture of any news on chemo day, so I am just finding out about the side affects of lupron now. I am worried. Honey I just want everything to be alright. Hmmm… all is quiet till baby wakes up. Then I plan on taking him for a walk and posting flyers for the benefit on the 22nd.


  2. leah says:

    OMG Andrea, I love you! the chores will get done, don’t do them yourself!
    i loved the info on the last blog about the viruses killing cancer cells i read so much on all of this and i do think cancer is actually caused by a virus.
    stay strong! I’m so happy and relieved about he great news on the cancer progress, you are doing great! it sounds funny but I’m so proud of you!
    it’s funny because we really don’t even know each-other all that well and you inspire me in so many ways, and have since i met you wayyyyy back in chuck e cheese in the 90’s (i don’t know if you remember that) i do, Bailey was a baby and the twins were small Jo Jo was maybe 2 or 3 or so.
    keep up the great work and please let others do the house work and chores!

  3. jenni says:

    andrea… so sorry to hear how bad you are feeling and overwhelmed…

    if you need anything. please tell me.

    i’ll come do chores! God bless.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I’m Jesse Morrison’s fiancee. Andrea, you are doing amazing! I read your blog several times a week and have shared it with several friends. Jesse and I were going thru old photos yesterday and came across quite a few of you and the kids over the years. Your family is gorgeous just like you. I wish we were closer and could lend a hand. We are thinking of you!

  5. Rat's Jenni says:

    Andrea and Kelley,

    Sorry it took me this long. For some reason I’m not comfortable with this online stuff, a bit overwhelmed by the articulate way you all are handling this. I check in often and we are thinking of you. Please call if you need some chores done or someone for baby duty. We are close!!! Just as before you were sick, you are an inspiration!

  6. Wendy says:

    I would say “STOP THAT! What does it matter if it doesn’t get done?” But, seeing as I am the woman who ended up with Post Partum Depression while handling the world with a newborn and two year old – well, it would just be hypocritical of me…. Still, “STOP THAT!” The kids are certainly old enough to figure out that if they have no underwear – wash some; if there are no clean plates/ forks/ cups – wash some… If the garbage smells – take it out… “Stop That!”

    Love ya, Wendy

  7. Jakob says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Bad Medicine. Thanks for informative article