"I should find out tomorrow the extent to which my cancer has spread."

What, you again?

Hi again! Are you so sick of me yet. This will be quick and painless I swear. I had a weeks worth of testing that was well, somewhat awful. But mostly just because I have bad veins and the lovely people at Pennsylvania Hospital were forced to stick me over and over and over. I decided to be nice to them anyway. So here are some things that I found out.

#1 radioactive material does not give you superpowers. I am disappointed.

#2 Catscans make feel like I am going to wet my pants, but apparently that is a normal response.

#3 I really like closed in spaces. No really I used to hide in the closet as a child. Claustrophobia, not a problem for me.

#4 People start to sweat after they can’t find your veins for like the third time. And the person that does find it thinks their the shit.

#5 If you are really nice to medical personnel they will do anything for you..including lying to the doctor so he will get your test results to your oncologist the next day so you do not have to worry over the holiday weekend.

But seriously, I should find out tomorrow the extent to which my cancer has spread. Right now my doctor is saying I will be on chemo 4-5 months. The ones I will be on will make me lose my hair, be nauseous,and have mouth sores. Gross I know. Then I will have a mastectomy. Then 6 months of radiation and herceptin which is a bit different than chemo and is more for my kind of cancer. I told my doctor she is not allowed to let me die or I am going to make her adopt one of my children. She laughed…Overall, I am feeling like I am in good hands. I pray a lot and feel pretty relaxed.I really can not thank you all enough for all that you have done for me and my family. Your support and love is totally appreciated. I am the most fortunate person to have you all in my life. I thank God for all of you. Keep sending me info. Keep emailing and calling. Your friendship means the world to me. Love always, Andrea