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I double dog dare ya to match me

Friday, July 13th, 2007

Our friend Shayna is walking in a 3 day 60 mile breast cancer walk in Andreas honor. I read about this only tonight. She either starts tonight or tomorrow morning. I also notice that she could use a little sponsorship. Now we don’t have much right now, but I can do $20 without really feeling it too much and it is a cause very close to my heart. If you are in the same boat as me (broke but hey whats $20), then I double dog dare you to go to and match me, tonight, while she’s still walking, I just did it, it felt great.


Thank you so much!!!! I was so excited to see the donations- This is going to be fun! I start training tonight but the walk is not for 3 months. In that time I have to raise 2200 dollars so, I need ALL the help I can get! And I have to get in shape enough to walk 60 miles! (prayers welcome)

I love you guys- Shayna

So the walk is in 3 months. That gives anyone interested in helping support Shayna in this cancer marathon plenty of time. She asked if anyone wanted to join in with her and you all could be team Andrea. Or if you are lazy and generous you can donate instead. Thanks for recognizing the importance of walking/fighting/finding a cure for the beast of the breast. Love Andrea

walk of stars (cmon down)

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Hey yall, I just wanted to thank you for you interest in the black and pink star tattoos ( and a special thanks to the few folks who came in monday. I will be working at the arch street shop today and tomorrow if any of you wanna swing by. Or you can call 215 806 9540 ( my cell) and make an appointment for a star or anything else you might want.

thanks again,


Growing Pains

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

I just had a lengthy discussion with my oldest stepson and tried to work through a difficult situation with him. At midnight he came to me stuck with two demanding college level papers to write due tomorrow, no possible extension. As I helped him weigh his options (some, all, nothing and a full night sleep) and informed him that ultimately the responsibility and consequences were his, I also realized that my fears that he had been internalizing the news of his mothers cancer and shutting down were true. All the physical symptoms of depression apparent, but all the while maintaining that he was FINE (you twelve steppers know what that stands for). I told him that I supported what ever decision he made about the assignments and that we all drop the ball when it counts from time to time and that as long as we don’t give up we get to play again next season ( why I chose to use a football analogy with a punk rock kid I’ll never know, but you get my point and so did he). I also told him that he needed to find a venue to work through his feelings so he will be able to function at the level he expects of himself. I told him how I cry some, how I talk to my friends constantly, how I pray a lot. I have made myself available to him, but i know that teenagers don’t always use their parental figures to work out their feelings with. If you are in these kids lives I ask that you make your selves emotionally available with them as well. Its easy to have fun with them, they are fun kids, but they also need to be able to find their own emotional sounding boards and shoulders to cry on. I know now that no matter what the outcome of Andrea’s fight with cancer, we will be forever changed. Our lives have changed so much over night and I know that this is not going to get any easier. Yet at the same time life has a perfect simplicity right now, the only things that matter in fact really do matter. I love my step son and am not really disappointed in him. If he can learn from this experience, take care of himself emotionally, and pick up the ball and run with it when he is able, then I am proud. I am so thankful for the Orion Landaus and Josh Graces of the world who allow me to process pain and fear, pride and shame, joy and faith, with them.


Seeing Stars

Monday, June 11th, 2007


We wanted to share with you how good God is. Today Kelly was offered not one but two jobs. Kelly decided to take a job working for Bill Funk at Body Graphics. He owns five shops around Philly and in NJ. We are so thrilled. This is an incredible blessing. Kelly has spent the last few years working very hard to get to this place. A good friend asked me if I was worried when he quit his job.I quickly answered no. I felt intrinsically that God was going to bless us and provide. If you have thought about letting Kelly give you a nautical star or anything else now is the time when we need you to call him and make an appointment. He starts at Body Graphics on Arch Street on Monday June 19th.We have an appointment book and operators will be standing by to take your call. 215-806-9540. Honestly, we thank you all for the love and support. Andrea and Kelly

fund raiser # 1 (get emo for chemo)

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Hey y’all here’s yet another way to stand in solidarity with Andrea and keep my hands from getting rusty while i’m pursuing a new shop to make pretty art in. I will be tattooing pink and black nautical stars or just plain ol boring pink stars on anyone who would be proud to rock one ( for a reasonable donation of course). It’s like a punk rock alternative to the pink ribbon. I’m looking for a temporary chair to tattoo friends by appointment in a shop till I find a forever home (as they say at the pound). In a few days the interested (or skeptical) can check out my work on my new site and you can email me at and leave your # if you are interested. I can do other nifty tattoos too if stars don’t flip your skirt but Andrea liked the pink nautical star idea. I also want to give much respect to the Philly tattoo community for being so supportive of Andrea and I. I guess its hard to forget a woman that will bring you a beer in her cleavage (props to T moms). So pink stars it is, I show you mine if you’ll show me yours.


overwhelming heaviness vs. a constant aura of love

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

Kelly’s turn at bat

I have put this off for a minute because it’s all a bit much and I don’t know where to start plus I’ve talked much smack about blogging in the past, but hey before that it was cell phones and now I’m useless without one so here goes. I thought I would just inter view myself. Nothing new, I talk to myself all the time as it is frequently the only way for an ex tweeker with acute ADD to keep it all together soooo…

ON CRYING: Tears seem to be right under the surface so much of the time these days. I keep up a good game face most of the time, for the kids, for Andrea, for work. At night when I’m alone, or sometimes when I look at my lovely bride it just creeps up on me. Sometimes the beauty and generosity of those around us brings it on too. Life is so heavy and beautiful at the same time of late.

ON ANDREA: Three years later she still amazes me. She says she feel like a spectator,as if her actions no longer are of consequence. All the while she’s ironing out one sons love life, or arranging for her sons to go to a better high school , or taking the time to make her daughter feel special and unconditionally loved, or telling me that I’m a good father when she see’s the doubt in my face, or helping friends through tough parenting issues. All that while “warming the bench”. She is my soul-mate. She knows me completely and loves me for who I am, and pushes just a little for who I ought to be. She is an amazing mother who has poured her heart and soul into those kids (and man has it ever paid off). Mostly to me though she’s my best friend.

ON GENEROUSITY: Its hard and divine at the same time. I’m a proud guy who wants to hold it all together all the time. Part old school, part west coast bohemian, trying to be superman occasionally. Getting out of my own way and accepting help in this time of need is sometimes difficult. Those all around us both friends and strangers have shown us so much love and continue to give unconditionally. You have allowed me to work less and raise my son when Andrea is to tired. You have made this all so much less overwhelming for Andrea and I. The only thing I ask of you is to afford me the same opportunity should you need anything or help from me.

ON FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Thank you, you are all so amazing and selfless. Sometimes I wonder how or why, then I look at Andrea and I get it. I love her too. You are all teaching me so much about love and grace.

ON FATHERHOOD: I had cut my hours back to three days a week, OK I actually quit the shop I was working at yesterday because I need to work in a more professional shop that up hold the traditions and standards that make tattooing the magical thing that it is (long story, different time). I have faith that things will work out for the better. Anyway I take care of my son 4 days a week now and it is awesome to see every new development 1st hand. I love my little drunken midget friend so much. Every smile or new trick is magic. Better than television I say. As for the rest I love them like they are my own and I’m honored that they have chosen to give me their trust and love and take my crap.

ON GOD: Now more than ever do I see God’s love all around me. My faith faltered for a virtual minute but the knocks on the door, the never ending support, the meals, the love, show me that goodness, righteousness, and dare I say Jesus is alive in all of you. The funny thing is that when Andrea and I started dating we had an ongoing theological debate. She felt that it was important to recognize Jesus as a Savior. I said I didn’t care much about an afterlife (still don’t) But I felt it was important to look to Christ as a teacher as it seemed to be the perfect map to get through this lifetime without repeating all the damage I’ve done in the past. This debate went on for some time and was almost a deal breaker I didn’t want to call myself a “Christian”, I just wanted to be a spiritual dude. She didn’t really want to be with a guy who wasn’t a christian. But love conquered all and we got married. Now I find this debate amusing as she is faced with cancer believing that should things come to an end here, there is beautiful place awaiting her. As for me Jesus is my savior everyday, usually saving me from my self. When I get out of the way, pray, trust and go when the spirit moves me everything seems to work out better than if I had planned (read sabotaged ) it.

ON CANCER: She keeps saying she’s sorry. I keep telling her I love her. You work with what you got. We’ll fight and live every day. God please don’t let my baby suffer.