Taking Aim


So today I had an appointment with the surprisingly cheerful Dr. Czernicki. He is usually all business. Today I got two drains removed and we discussed my case. He decided not to do the surgery because he seemed unconvinced that it would be more effective than radiation. So in the end that is huge relief. And it seems reasonable that I can start radiation in the next month. After I am healed. He also felt that regardless of the pathology I did have IBC in the right breast as well. So Aimee I think you do not need to go to medical school…your advice seems right on. Instead of an armchair quarterback Aimee is an armchair oncologist. 🙂

I will not be getting anymore chemotherapy at this point. This is due to the fact that my cancer was hormone driven and my oncologist feels very strongly that you need to resist the urge to throw chemo at a hormone cancer.

I meet with the radiation doctor tomorrow. And I will know more about this next phase of treatment soon. I am still dealing with severe swelling in my arm. The lymphedema specialists are coming to the house on Thursday to discuss compression garments with me. Oh goodie.

I read some comments that I had missed. Sorry Lin. Did “pity pot” really seem appropriate though? I was more angry than in need of a pot to cry in. I was really quite mad at the media’s decision to ignore stage 4 metastasized women when discussing survivors.There are a lot of women who are young and dealing with more than pea size lumps…but they do not dare speak of them in Marie Claire,Ms.,Cosmo,Jane, etc. The media focuses on happy curable cancer. Not ugly- disfiguring- palliative care cancer. It was really more the cultural ignorance of the cancer struggle for women with advanced disease that I was aiming my comments at. I am sorry you got caught in the cross fire. And Aimee thanks for your loving and understanding words.

So today aside from fatigue and being disgusted with the drains and swelling I am doing better. Still sad sometimes but not as intensely as I felt initially. I feel different. I miss my breasts. But I am looking forward to not having to wear a bra. Although I did ask for a prescription for boobies. Maybe I can wear them on special occasions.

I am not as melancholy as I was last week. Although I am still very flaky. I made plans with Megan for this morning and totally forgot about them. Which is very unfortunate since I love her and would have enjoyed a visit.

So that is my update until tomorrow. I will be posting some information about a Halloween event this Friday night at the Ruba club. This will be a benefit for our family. I hope you are all well. Much love, Andrea

5 Responses to “Taking Aim”

  1. jenni bender says:

    i have been praying and thinking about you every day. i read this every day too. i just want you to know that you have been on my mind a ton. my dad has been having a really rough time recently and is meeting with a radiation doctor on thursday. let me know how your appointment goes, too! i’d like to see you sometime soon when you are feeling okay with that. i love you a whole lot and i am glad to hear you are feeling less melancoly. you are beautiful. xoxoo

  2. Heather says:

    I am so glad things are working out for the better. I have been keeping up with you guys everyday and when I don’t post a comment, it’s only because I don’t know what to say. Well, today I do, You’re here, you’re alive and you’re loved!
    Things get rough for everyone and yesterday seemed a little harder for you, and I’m sorry. I wish there was something I could do. I do have news on 1 fundraiser for you.
    My husband is an Indie pro-wrestler in FL and one of the Organizations he works for is a strictly benefit org. The owner and friend of ours has agreed to let me run the show as a benefit for your family in March or April. It won’t be a whole lot as it’s a poorer community, but maybe it’s enough to take you and Kelly out to a nice dinner and have some you time!
    We’ll see.
    Blessings of healing and love to you and your family, Andrea. We all love you guys!

  3. Aimee says:

    geeez. i don’t like being thought of as an armchair oncologist- then i feel like a ‘know it all’ and i really wasn’t trying to be. i belong to 2 IBC e-mail listservs and women much more knowledgable than i have given me quite an education!

    anyway, glad that you weren’t feeling depressed or heavy with sadness/grief. if/when that comes, tuck away all those reponses meant to cheer you up! and as for anger- oh boy, i so know how that feels too! i actually hate October because there’s so much “breast cancer awareness” going on, and yet there’s not any real awareness. scaring people doesn’t sell yogurt, you know?

    does your WordPress allow html? if so, then this is something i stold from Jeannette (she’s my myspace friend and is also a young mother with IBC):

  4. Andrea says:

    Aimee, I was being sincere. Your comments are helpful, loving, and informative. It was meant as a compliment. In any case thanks for the link. It is really interesting how different the media perception of cancer is compared to the reality. Thanks to everyone who reads this and posts. Have a nice day