black and white in living color

Today was such a weird mix of things. Andrea is in the hospital again. She has had shooting pains in her collar bone that just came out of no where. She called her doctor and went to the ER this morning. We had planned to take the kids out for a family day and she asked me to take them out anyway without her. We all had lunch and then went bowling and they all had a great time. Even Clay was all smiles (bowling allies have a lot of cool furniture to cruise and everyone held him a bunch). He even made a new friend (“wormy” aka Amelia..she’s 11 months and showed Clay a thing or two about walking…) I’m sure he’ll get there eventually. On the way home I got a call from Andrea She was still in the ER hadn’t gotten a room yet and hadn’t eaten all day. Not a happy camper. I left the kids with my Bro Orion and raced to the hospital with food. I always feel so guilty when she’s in the hospital and I can’t be there with her even if I know that I’m doing the right thing by taking care of the kids at home. By the time I got there she had been admitted to a room and will be there through the weekend. They have Her on a lot of pain killers. Its so hard to see her like that and wonder if its gonna get better or if this is just one of many trips to the hospital. Only time will tell. Thank you so much to all who read this and all those who support us in so many ways


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  1. Tim Bathurst says:


    I just wanted you to know that our family is praying. I also wanted you to know that we pray for you specifically. It takes a ton a courage to support a spouse with cancer. You are doing an amazing job. You are a blessing, even when it doesn’t feel like you are.

    Much Love,

    Tim Bathurst

  2. joshua says:

    i feel you dude. that is a hard call to make, but i think you do great.

  3. shayna and jahna says:


    Im so sorry to read this. I lost your cell number, so please call me if I can help with the kids or anything else. We are thinking of you guys all the time.

  4. Dad says:


    I had so hoped and feel-still do-that Andrea is in a real turn around stage with this new chemo. It was hard to read she was hurting agian. Enough is enough already! Stay strong Kel, and know how much you are loved. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t talk to my Mom, and You, Andrea and the kids are uppermost in our thoughts.

    Karen sent me some wonderful pictures of her visit there. Clay is soooo cute! (Makes me wish I could commute from Philly to Oregon). Before Thanksgiving I had some emails from Asa and he gave me more email addresses there, so I’ll be writing the kids.

    As is usual, your Birthday card will arrive late… Hope you have a Great one and it’s a good day for Andrea and the kids.

    Please keep me posted, and call when you can.

    I Love You All. Dad

  5. Melissa says:

    Kelly, I want to ask about the star tatoos for Andrea. I am seriously considering getting one ( it will be my first tatoo). I wanted to support you in this way. I don’t know much about getting tatoos. I’m interested in getting one on my wrist the size of a quarter. Would you be able to tell me the price for something of this size?

    my email:

    Melissa Rivera